Meetto Interview Part2

34:00 run time

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Graham Talbott, age 12, with occasional input from his mom chat about life among the Meetto.

Basic Outline:

0:00-2:11 - Hello, Graham! (The Talbotts' 12-year-old son.)

2:11-3:20 -What does Graham do on a typical day?

3:20-4:50 -Interesting comments about balls (play balls).

4:50-10:50 -What do other kids do?

[6:02-9:13 -The seasons and weather.]

10:50-13:58 -What do Meetto kids look forward to doing when they grow up? How old are they when they get married?

13:58- --What is a muchamba and what does someone do on a muchamba? Do people buy things? What do they own?

[15:42-20:27 --About Meetto homes--how the Meettos use their homes, how they are built. . . .]

20:27-22:25 -A typical day's schedule. When people go to bed and when they get up.

22:25-23:30 -Clothing.

23:50-30:35 -Protecting crops from baboons, pigs and elephants.

30:35- -Last words, prayer requests. --Please feel free to ask your own questions on the Sonlight OneVerse forum.

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