Meetto Interview Part1

56:15 run time

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John Holzmann and Corinne Talbott discuss work among the Meetto people.

Basic Outline:

0:00-3:30 - Where do the Talbotts live? How to locate them on a map.

3:30-4:40 - The Talbotts' relationship with Sonlight.

4:40-6:05 - How do you pronounce "Meetto"? --The name for the people and the name of their language.

6:05-11:50 -About the Talbott family, how they got to Mozambique, and what they are doing.

11:50-13:20 -How difficult is it to get around that area? And why is it so hard?

13:20-18:40 -What were things like (physically and spiritually) in 2003, when the Talbotts first arrived among the Meetto and how are they different today? . . . More on what the Talbotts are doing.

18:40-20:25 -How do people live in circumstances like theirs? (Pretty amazing circumstances.)

20:25-24:00 -The church and social situation in Marrupa.

24:00-26:18 -Back to the Talbotts' specific responsibilities and focus.

26:18-30:27 -How did you learn the language? --The language circumstances.

30:27-33:02 -How important is a Bible translation for the Meettos? And what about literacy?

33:02-40:07 -Several questions about the importance and significance of Bible translation.

40:07-43:25 -Spiritual realities among the Meettos.

43:25-45:45 -How different the Meetto language is from the languages of those who live near them.

45:45-49:54 -Bible translation and recorded resources (sound, video, etc.)

49:54-52:10 -What have you learned from the Meettos?

52:10-52:30 -Biggest prayer for the Meettos.

52:30-56:12 -Homeschooling as missionaries. [We lost connection right at the end, so it is not the cleanest break.]

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