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Homeschool Program Information

Sonlight believes that while it is a valid goal to give children a quality education, the best homeschool program will add several other ingredients. First, homeschool programs should seek not only to transfer to students a certain body of knowledge. It should also create within children a desire to learn for as long as they live, so they will continue learning in and out of school. This philosophy has helped to make our homeschool program a success. Explore our philosophy regarding homeschool education and the wealth of homeschool resources we offer in more depth today. Get your learner started down the right path of education with the right homeschool program from Sonlight.

An Ever-Improving Homeschool Program

At Sonlight, we continually improve our homeschool program to better meet the needs of our customers. The consistent improvement is a result of the leadership of Sonlight's founders and the valuable feedback provided to us by those using our resources for their own elementary through high school home program.

We believe education should (and does) continue beyond the years of formal schooling. Therefore, we've designed our curriculum offerings to inspire students to want to learn. Our homeschool program offerings are designed not only to teach children, but to give them a love for learning. If our homeschool program does not infuse your child with the desire to learn and a love of knowledge, then we have not succeeded.

Find out which homeschool program offering is right for you and your child, only at Sonlight.

Homeschool Program Information

At Sonlight, we strive to make each Christian elementary through high school home program as beneficial to you as possible. Drawing on our experience and customer feedback, we continually work to adapt our offerings to better meet the needs of our customers. Find all of the homeschool program information including homeschool offerings and the curriculum that is right for you. Our courses and homeschool books can be selected according to age or according to academic level. Choose from elementary through high school home program resources, and start your student on the path to a great education with a Sonlight homeschool program.

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