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A successful homeschool program starts with the proper homeschool materials. Homeschool materials differ greatly from company to company. At Sonlight, our recommended homeschool materials have grown out of the study and hands-on experience of John and Sarita Holzmann as they educated their four children. Our homeschool materials have continued to grow as a result of the helpful feedback and suggestions we get from our customers. At Sonlight, our homeschool materials are engineered to help your children, and you, enjoy learning. If you would like to learn more about the recommended homeschool materials we offer, please follow this link: Sonlight Homeschool Materials..

The Goals of Our Homeschool Materials

As our homeschool materials continue to develop, there are specific goals we keep in mind as we work to improve our homeschool materials. These goals can help you to evaluate our homeschool materials, and decide whether or not they are right for you. As you read, you may find that some (or many) of our goals are similar to yours. Even if you find they are not, you will have a better understanding of our homeschool materials and whether or not our homeschooling materials are the best choice for you.

One goal of our homeschool materials is to inspire students, by example, to do thorough, competent research to fulfill the work of true scholars. Through the books and Instructor's Guides in our homeschool materials we seek to demonstrate true scholarship. To learn more about the goals of our homeschool materials please browse the selection of Homeschool Materials from Sonlight.

More Information on Homeschool Materials

If you are looking for recommended homeschool materials, we invite you to explore and take advantage of all of the resources on this site. Browse through all the resources we offer including math homeschool materials, or if you don't have a lot of time to spend online, request a catalog so you can explore our homeschool materials at your leisure. Please visit our homepage at homeschool materials to start your adventure or request a catalog.

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