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Find the wonder of Christian homeschool education curriculum. Wouldn't you love it if at the end of a year of homeschool education, your child actually looked forward to next year's study? It may sound impossible, but it's not as unlikely as you think.

Sonlight Curriculum believes that while it's a worthy goal to give children a quality education, the best home education curriculum will add two valuable ingredients. First, a home education will not only provide a foundation of knowledge upon which to build, it will create within children a desire to learn. Second, a home education will reward the teaching parent as well as the student.

Sonlight Curriculum is designed to make the home education experience a pleasure for everyone, parents and kids included. Learn more online about how Sonlight's homeschool education curriculum can provide exciting education opportunities that encourage your student to look forward to learning every year.

The Homeschooling Difference

What makes the services and resources available at Sonlight so special? We thoroughly research the market and collect only the highest quality home education curriculum materials that we find. Then we make them available to you.

When you look closely at the home education products we offer, you will find only the most powerful literature, engaging history books, math programs, and more. But that's not all. We don't stop with a mere collection of high-quality homeschool education materials. We also orchestrate everything for you in our Instructor's Guides.

Our homeschool Instructor's Guides are our whole-hearted effort to make your life as easy as we can. They include reading schedules that coordinate and integrate study across subjects, instructor's notes, study guides (that contain summaries and questions for discussion), student activity sheets, progress evaluations, and more. These guides provide an easy path to great learning and allow instructors to take full advantage of Sonlight's home education curriculum programs.

The Right Home Education from Sonlight

If you would like to learn more about Sonlight home education online, please take the time to browse through our site. Find great homeschool resources, such as informative articles, engaging community, a great collection of homeschool books and more. If you don't have a lot of time to browse for homeschool education programs online, you can also order a catalog so you can explore our homeschool education resources at your convenience. Find the right resources online for your home education curriculum, or to request your home education catalog today, only at Sonlight.