Elementary Homeschool Programs

Christian Elementary Homeschooling

The Sonlight elementary homeschool programs are designed to start your child on their journey of Christian education through history, science, literature and more. Each lesson is created to keep them enthusiastic about the material they're learning. Our elementary homeschool programs are a fast and easy way to set up a curriculum for an entire year. Save yourself time and money by ordering one of our Comprehensive Packages that include nearly everything you'll need, including consumables. Parents teaching elementary homeschool programs for Christian homeschoolers to multiple students may need to order extra consumables. So start your learner on the right educational path and browse the elementary homeschool programs you're interested in. Or, learn how to create your own customizable homeschool curriculum today.

The Complete Sonlight Package

Sonlight offers complete homeschooling packages for all grades. Each is customizable to include many various subjects and teaching plans. From high school homeschool curriculum that focuses on preparation for the student's further educational steps, to elementary homeschool programs designed to encourage growth and learning in basic subjects, we have many options to choose from and customize to make your own.

New learners need extra guidance and support as new and more complex subjects and tasks are presented to them. Sonlight's elementary programs for Christian homeschoolers teaches basic subjects such as math, science and reading, while instilling important Christian ideals and morals, giving them a solid foundation both educationally and spiritually.

Elementary Homeschool Programs and Packages

Our elementary homeschool programs are designed to work with each other and make your job of teaching easier. Included in our Comprehensive Packages are the Instructor's Guides. These invaluable resources will lay out your lesson plans for the elementary homeschool programs you're teaching and save you the time of creating your own lessons. So start browsing our selection of elementary programs for Christian homeschoolers and our variety of other homeschooling programs today and continue your student's education the Sonlight way.