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As we have developed and continue to develop our Christian homeschool curriculum, there are certain goals that we always keep in mind. These goals are what help to define and separate Sonlight, a quality publisher of Christian homeschool curriculum from other homeschooling curriculums and packages. This page will briefly tell you about some of the goals that help define our curriculum supplies. If you are already familiar with the goals of our curriculum, please use the menu at the left to find what you are looking for. You can also get a more in-depth look at the goals of what makes Sonlight one of the best publishers of Christian homeschool curriculum.

Christian Homeschooling Goals

At Sonlight, it is the goal of our Christian homeschool curriculum to teach students to seek God's Kingdom above and beyond everything else. Our Christian homeschool curriculum strives to keep this goal in front of our students and ourselves at all times.

Another goal of the Christian homeschool curriculum we have developed is to create life-long lovers of learning. A true love for learning is vital to a child's success, and our schooling strives to promote this. This goal of creating a life-long love of learning has a great deal to do with how and why we select what we do for our Christian homeschool curriculum.

At Sonlight we want our Christian homeschool curriculum supplies to inspire students to honor Christ boldly in speech and conduct. We believe that the Christian faith is meant to change the way we live and, through us, to alter the world around us. That is why from the earliest years our Christian homeschool curriculum includes materials that help children memorize Scripture and understand the Bible.

The above briefly describes a few of the goals we have set forth for our Christian curriculum supplies. If you would like to learn more about the Sonlight approach to learning or the goals we set forth for our Christian homeschool curriculum, discover our goals that makes us one of the best publishers of Christian homeschool curriculum.

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Learning new things can sometimes be challenging, but in the end, learning is fun. As Christian homeschool suppliers, we want to promote the joy of learning, and our Christian homeschool curriculum does just that. Let Sonlight's Christian homeschool curriculum guide you through the adventure of homeschooling.