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There are many choices in math curriculum for homeschoolers. We find that it's difficult to choose between all of the available programs, so we offer a variety. We've also found that those who are really "into" math believe that even "comprehensive" math curriculum for homeschoolers should be supplemented. By seeing math used in different ways, children learn to approach problems from several angles. We suggest the Singapore and Saxon math curriculum for homeschoolers as a starting point. From there you may supplement them with the many additional math programs we offer. For more information please follow this link: A Variety of Math Curriculum for Homeschoolers.

Singapore Math® Curriculum for Homeschoolers

Many parents are very pleased with the Singapore Math® curriculum for homeschoolers. In 1995 and 1999, the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement conducted tests to measure the strengths and weaknesses of various countries' educational programs. These tests, known as TIMMS tests (Trends in Mathematics and Science Study or Third International Mathematics and Science Study tests), showed Singaporean students as first in math for both tests. We at Sonlight Curriculum agree with those that believe that part of the reason for their great performance is the "total schooling experience." While TIMMS may not prove that the curriculum alone is extraordinary, it certainly cannot be poor if so many of their students are scoring so well. You can find the Singapore Math® curriculum for homeschoolers listed with our other math programs. Or, for more information including comments from parents already using it, please follow this link: Comments on the Singapore Math® Curriculum for Homeschoolers.

Discover Saxon Math Curriculum for Homeschoolers

With Saxon's math curriculum for homeschoolers you take an incremental (little by little) approach to math. This approach, as well as its ability to prepare students for standardized tests, contribute to it being the best-selling math curriculum for homeschoolers. The incremental approach helps to build student's confidence in their math skills. Students often benefit from the use of the Saxon homeschool math programs used in conjunction with other math curriculum for homeschoolers in that they are exposed to varying methods of solving similar problems. If you're looking to follow the Saxon math program or build your own homeschool math programs, Sonlight Curriculum has a variety to meet your needs. We offer a many homeschool programs for math and other subjects. To view them all, please follow this link Math Curriculum for Homeschoolers and More.

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