High School Homeschool Curriculum

Comprehensive High School Homeschooling Curriculum

With a wide variety of homeschool subjects covered, as well as electives, our Christian high school homeschool curriculum provides a complete solution to your homeschooling needs. Choose from our comprehensive homeschool packages, or build your own high school homeschooling curriculum. Our comprehensive homeschool packages provide most materials you need. They are made up of Sonlight History / Bible / Literature Programs plus Language Arts, Science, and more. Once you decide on a homeschool curriculum package, you need only choose the math program and electives you want to include in your high school homeschool curriculum. For information on building your own package, or choosing one of our comprehensive packages, start exploring Sonlight's Christian homeschool curriculum programs tday.

Math Packages for Homeschoolers

Because there are many math programs to choose from, and the levels of students often differ, our math programs are separate from our comprehensive homeschool curriculum packages. Our two most popular math programs are Singapore and Saxon. These can both easily integrate into your high school homeschooling curriculum. Some parents choose to take advantage of both, giving their student a broad view of the math they're studying and several methods of solving problems. There are even more programs that can supplement the math you choose for your high school homeschool curriculum. View our catalog of math curriculum for homeschoolers.

High School Homeschool Electives

In addition to the great comprehensive Christian homeschool curriculum packages and math programs, we offer a wide range of electives for your high school homeschool curriculum. With excellent categories like Art and Foreign Language, you can choose the programs that fit your high schooler's interests best. Combine these electives, the math program of your choice, and our comprehensive Christian homeschool curriculum packages to create a rich and educational high school homeschool curriculum. For more information, please browse our full range of high school homeschool curriculum options.

More Homeschool Curriculum Information