How to Decide if You Should Homeschool

Homeschooling is a big decision. But it may be exactly what your family needs.

Think through your educational options with these free homeschool resources:

Should I homeschool my child?

Homeschooling is not for everyone. But perhaps not for the reasons you think. You absolutely can homeschool. Your children can learn at home. But is homeschooling best for you and your family? What schooling choice is best for my students? That is the question you need to answer as you consider your educational options, be it public, private, or home school.

As with all things, there are disadvantages and benefits to homeschooling. These pros and cons of homeschooling are things you should consider before you choose to homeschool. Homeschooling is hard work—rewarding hard work. As you weigh your options, keep in mind the many reasons families love homeschooling. And remember, you don't need to know everything in order to teach your children!

Successful Homeschooling

As you consider the question "Is homeschooling right for my family?" it may be helpful to learn what makes successful homeschooling. Get answers to common questions such as "how do I stay motivated?" and "do I need a degree to teach my children?"

If you have high schoolers, you will definitely want to read "Why in the world would you homeschool high schoolers?"

Homeschooling Curriculum

If you've decided that homeschooling is right for your family, you may want to browse homeschooling curriculum. Or, head over to the next section: I Want to Homeschool. What Now?

What About Socialization

This webinar is filled with tips and suggestions--as well as excellent reminders--that homeschooling provides the best socialization opportunities and environment. Homeschooled students are active in their homes and their communities. Your children can make friends.

How to homeschool when you don't know everything

Homeschool? Me? But I don't know everything! Take heart: veteran homeschooler Jill encourages you in this blog post that you don't need to know everything in order to be your children's best teacher.

Why in the world would you homeschool high schoolers?

by Sarita Holzmann (founder of Sonlight Curriculum)

Homeschooling your high schoolers might be the best thing you could do for their teen years. Find out why...

7 Reasons Families Love Homeschooling

Everything from academics to affordability. Did I mention sleeping in?

You CAN Homeschool

Wonder if you're up for the task? Hear this encouragment: if you can raise a little child, you can homeschool, too.

Homeschooling Overseas: Is it right for you?

Are you an overseas missionary? Live on a foreign military base? This article is just for you. Consider the unique benefits and obstacles to homeschooling overseas.

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