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Do you find ancient history dull? History is a story — the story of real people, real families, real adventures, real triumphs and defeats, and real cultures. There's no reason a good story — especially a story well told — should ever be boring!

This 6th Grade curriculum is all about fostering students' ability to think critically and make connections. See the connected flow of human history, from creation through the 1600s. Find answers to real-life questions such as: How did ancient Egypt, Israel and Assyria interact? Where did the Greeks come from? Why did Greek civilization give way to the Romans? Why did the Roman Empire fall? How did Asian culture develop during that same time? How did Western history progress during the so-called Dark Ages? How did those centuries give rise to the Renaissance, and how did the Renaissance, in turn, pave the way for the Protestant Reformation?

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When your children grow up, will they need to know lists of memorized facts ... or will they need to consider new information, connect it to what they already know and then take the good and toss the bad?

Sixth Grade helps students develop understand the world today by seeing how we got to where we are. It helps them understand their own and other's cultures by seeing the connections between civilizations around the world and throughout time. When students really understand how Egyptians viewed their gods; when they see how weak, wicked and fickle the Greek gods were, they'll appreciate all the more the awesome power and goodness of the true God we worship.

Also available are your choice of science, math, handwriting and spelling programs for your sixth grader.

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