5th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

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5th Grade is unique among Sonlight programs. Its subject matter stands out from homeschool curriculum available anywhere. Where else can you get a full year's exploration of Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the South Pacific? A huge percentage of the world's population calls the Eastern Hemisphere home. Ninety percent of all unevangelized people live there. If we want our children to understand this increasingly interconnected globe, if we want them to embrace God's heart for the whole world, let's journey to the East!

Fifth grade is a cultural study that acquaints your children with the fascinating peoples and nations of the East. As you move from region to region, you'll study a subset of history at each stop.

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All over the world, people eat, dress, work, play and see the world very differently. But we're also the same in key ways: God loves all of us and we all need Jesus. Families all over the world love each other; children like to play, learn and explore; we all have to work hard; we all want to be loved and appreciated; we can all overcome obstacles.

Inspire your children toward greater compassion and courage through the many missionary biographies featured in fifth grade. Gain God's heart for lost people everywhere. Understand that we don't need to be afraid of other cultures. At the same time, we don't have to pretend that every aspect of every culture is wonderful.

Science, math, handwriting and spelling are all available to give you complete fifth grade homeschool curriculum.

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