2nd Grade Homeschool Curriculum

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Your 2nd Grade homeschool curriculum not only traces the roots of Western civilization, but also gives an overview of how civilizations have developed all over the world. This means Europe, the Americas, Asia, the Middle East, Australia and Africa are all covered this year. As your children see the flow of world history — the rise and fall of civilizations — they get a big-picture look at what's gone into creating history. That, in turn, helps them understand how we live today.

Your second grade study of history from ancient to modern times pretty well concludes before the year 1914, when World War I began. Since the last century holds some particularly harsh realities, we wait until later years to study this more recent history in depth. Along your journey, you will read stories of courageous missionaries, use your timeline to map history, enjoy delightful Read-Alouds, do fun hands-on activities and more.

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Help your children discover the breathtaking, fascinating story of God's entire world. From Ancient Israel to Rome, India to Indonesia, Victorian England to the New World, may your journey overflow with learning, fun, laughter and memories.

Complete your second grade homeschool curriculum with science, math, handwriting and spelling programs of your choice.

2nd Grade Homeschool Curriculum

Complete 2nd Grade Homeschool Curriculum
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2nd Grade Lesson Plans

Your complete 2nd Grade schedule comes in your Sonlight Instructor's Guide. But that's not all. Your lesson plans offer you teacher notes, activity sheets, and more. In short, you'll have everything you need from Day 1 of school to the end of the year. Just open the guide and begin homeschooling. Find tips, vocabulary, activities, articles and more in your Instructor's Guide. You will be able to maximize your homeschool experience with your lesson plans.

History / Bible / Literature

Sonlight focus on history helps you see how things tie together across subjects. You and your students discover an overview of key events of the past as you learn about the past. You will also enjoy biographies together of people who have made a big different in the world. Your package comes with History / Bible / Literature together in one set. At this level, you get to choose a Language Arts and Reading program that matches your students ability.

Three reasons literature is a great way to learn history:

  1. Great books are fun to read.
  2. Well-written stories help you remember the information you learn.
  3. You and your children can discuss the content as you read together, opening new opportunities to learn about a wide range of subjects not often covered in school.

Literature naturally provides these benefits and makes your homeschool experience a joy. Sonlight's 2nd Grade History program -- part of your 2nd Grade All-Subjects Package -- is excellent choice for your school year.

Spelling & Vocabulary

Please note: Spelling and Vocabulary is already built in to your lesson plans at this level. Spelling and vocabulary words are from the reading you share with your students. This makes practice a natural addition to your homeschool day. We do offer additional resources, but do not suggest using them until 3rd grade.

2nd Grade Science

Sonlight's 2nd Grade Science: Geology, Meteorology, and Mechanical Technology helps your students uncover the complex make-up of the earth. You'll dive into a hands-on introduction to such diverse topics as how things are made, rocks and minerals, weather, plants, animals and habitats. You'll read about these topics and do activities to help your children remember the lessons. Your science supply kits contain the bits and pieces you'll need. Follow along in the Discover & Do DVD to see each activity demonstrated. Your children may find that this their new favorite "movie."

2nd Grade Math

Our pick of 2nd Grade Math is included in your All-Subjects Package. If you'd rather customize, choose from three unique math programs that cater to your student's needs. Horizon's Second Grade math gives your child colorful, hands-on, "spiral learning" opportunities. Singapore Math's 2nd Grade program makes use of strong mental math, practice, and extremely clear explanations of concepts. 2nd Grade Saxon math is built on solid foundations for arithmetic and provides ideas for how you can teach difficult concepts; plenty of review is also included.

2nd Grade Handwriting

Grab one of these prize-winning handwriting programs:

  1. A Reason for Handwriting - Scripture-oriented, traditional
  2. Getty-Dubay Italic Handwriting - self-assessing, comprehensive
  3. Handwriting Without Tears - innovative, developmentally-oriented

Your students will have more opportunities to practice handwriting in their Dictation and Creative Expression assignments.

Choose your 2nd Grade curriculum

Put together a customized program OR select the recommended everything-you-need package. Compare your choices and pick the path you want. Either way, a wonderful adventure in learning awaits you and your family.

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