Unsure about homeschooling?

There are huge benefits to homeschooling. Learn about just five of them here.

Though there are many benefits to homeschooling, I offer the following five reasons I find most compelling for why you might want to consider homeschooling.

Oh! And my name is Amy Lykosh. I'm a second-generation homeschooler, and I have worked for Sonlight, a homeschool curriculum company, for quite a few years.

This series is available in two formats, for your convenience.

Middle School: The Critical Years

Wondering whether to send your kids to school for middle school? Here are some reasons to consider homeschooling through that critical time.

Homeschool High School Curriculum

Sonlight is committed to meeting the needs of high school students. That's why we offer such robust courses at the high school level.

7 Benefits You Get from a Sonlight® Curriculum Package

Considering homeschooling? Find out what seven unique benefits you'll get from purchasing and using a Sonlight® curriculum package.

What you get with your Sonlight® homeschool curriculum.

In less than 300 words, find out what you can expect when you purchase your Sonlight® homeschool curriculum packages.