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12 Reasons NOT to Buy Sonlight®

by John Holzmann, Sonlight Co-Founder

Provoking Thought is at the Heart of Sonlight Curriculum

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Sonlight with Multiple Students

If you can imagine a family cuddled on the couch, laughing as dad reads a hilarious turn of the plot with one of his signature voices, then you may be onto the secret of teaching more than one child with a single Sonlight program.

Unsure about teaching with books?

Sonlight Curriculum is unique compared to most other homeschooling companies because we include so much high-quality literature in our homeschool curriculum.

27 Reasons Families Love Sonlight®

Find out if they might be your reasons, too.

Find out WHY these homeschoolers choose Sonlight to help their kids love to learn...

Textbooks vs historical fiction, novels and biographies

Which would you prefer?

Sonlight's use of historical fiction, novels and biographies, communicates information in the midst of a story. This enables your students to understand and remember.