Homeschool 101

Why homeschool? A Resource to Help New Homeschoolers

New to homeschooling? Want homeschool information and help? You've come to the right place.

Welcome to your Homeschool 101 guide. You might start with the encouraging message "You CAN Homeschool." Then explore the categories below:

1. Should I Homeschool: What to choose: public, private or home schooling? Only you can decide ... but find help here!

2. How to Start Homeschooling: Step-by-step help for new homeschoolers.

3. Legal: A valuable legal resource, plus answers to the top five commonly asked homeschool legal questions.

4. Organization: Practical tips for organizing your home and homeschool.

5. Learning Styles: Auditory, visual, kinesthetic ... discover why learning styles matter and how to capitalize on your children's strengths.

6. Socialization: The big question: Is socialization really an issue for homeschoolers?

7. Teaching Tips: Practical help for a variety of teaching issues.

8. High School: You can teach high school! Get practical help on four-year plans, transcripts, college admissions and more.

9. Homeschool Encouragement: Find inspiration as you persevere in your Christian home education journey.

10. Sonlight-specific Helps: Tips and help for using Sonlight's Christian Homeschool Curriculum.

11. Links to Other Resources: Several external resources you might appreciate.

12. Media Library: Find all of Sonlight's podcasts, articles and videos in one spot.

Homeschooling Curriculum

Sonlight offers literature-based Christian homeschooling curriculum for preschool through high school. If you're looking for a Pre-K - 12th grade homeschooling curriculum, browse Sonlight's award-winning homeschooling curriculum now.