Language Arts K—Letter Pictures, Section Three

Updated Content

Please note that the instructions for the "Picture Sheets" in Section Three have been left out of the Language Arts K Instructor's Guide. We apologize for this error and the confusion it has caused. Please use the following instructions. (12/2015).

     Over the course of the year, make a letter page for each sound. You might want to keep them in a three- ring binder, or in a folder, where your children can access them and review them easily.
     In Section Three, you'll find drawings, about six per letter. Get a blank piece of paper (hole-punched, if desired), write the capital and lower case letter of the week on it in bold letters. Cut out the pictures for that letter and paste them on. For example: B, b; balloon, bear, bike, book, box, butterfly. If you want to find additional pictures, such as in magazines, feel free to flip through some with your children and look for additional words.
     This is another way to reinforce the sound your children are learning. Please follow these directions for the rest of the year, once each week.