FCG--World Book® Instructions

Updated Instruction

Please note that the instructions for using the World Book® (DVD) have been revised in Core F Eastern Hemisphere Instructor's Guide. We hope that these new instructions assist you in using the World Book® (DVD) more effectively. We apologize for the frustration and confusion this has caused. Please find the updated instructions below:

Using the World Book® (DVD)

The 2014 World Book® includes many helpful features. Spend some time exploring the program to learn about those features. Each time an article is scheduled, have your children locate the article with that title and read the portion scheduled. The first few times, help your children locate the article. The best way we have found to do this is to use the search by letter tool. Searching by letter allows you to filter your results by article type. To do this, click on the "Topics" icon on the main menu. There you will see "Search Tools." Click on the "By Letter" tab and enter the country name in the search bar. By default, results are filtered to show only topics articles — indicated by a "[T]" in the search results. Once you have located the correct article and have opened it, scroll through the article to find the section referenced in the schedule.