Return Instructions

If we made a mistake with your order, if anything arrived damaged, or if you have questions please contact us before making your return. Need to make a return? Please use the following steps (click a step to view it):

Step 1. Review Sonlight's Return Policy

Love to Learn Guarantee

(details here)

You have a year to return your All-Subjects Package or History / Bible / Literature Package for a refund.

  • One year from date of purchase
  • Does not include shipping
  • Materials scheduled after Week 18 must be unused & resalable

6-Month Return Policy

If your order is not covered by the Love to Learn Guarantee, you can return items within 6-months of purchase.

  • Items must be in unused, resalable condition.
    • without markings, broken bindings, label stickers, any scuffs or other wear
    • computer software must be unopened
  • You will receive a 90% refund (not including shipping).

Return Details

Materials returned outside the above conditions will not receive a refund nor will we return these materials to you.

Refunds will be processed within 10 business days of receipt.

  • Credit card purchases will be refunded to that same card as per credit card company policies.
  • Check and e-check refunds will be mailed to you. (Checks take an additional 3-5 business days to make and mail out.)

If you are still paying on your account with a payment plan, your refund will be applied to what you owe and the balance refunded to you. (Refunds for payment plans take an additional 3-5 business days to process.)

Step 2. Start Your Return Online

Select the appropriate order number from your automated returns page. Choose the item(s) you wish to return and follow the prompts from there.

Step 3. Ship It Back to Us

  1. Pack your box:
    • Use a new box of the right size.
    • Lay materials flat.
    • Pack CDs, Binders, and Science Supply Kits on top of books.
    • Use lots of packing material — not newspaper as the ink can damage items.
    • Clearly print your name & address on the outside of the box.
    • Attach the "Return Label" (found in top lefthand corner of your packing slip) to the outside of the box.
  2. Print the Step 2 paperwork and include it at the top of your box.
  3. Insure your package when you ship it to Sonlight. If your package is lost or damaged in transit, we cannot give you a refund or return the items to you.
  4. International customers: Please write a clear description of the goods being returned [i.e. Textbooks-Educational Materials]. State on the commercial invoice US Goods Returned and include HTS# 9801.00.10

DO NOT SEND CREDIT CARD / PAYMENT INFORMATION. We likely have your accurate billing information in our system. If we don't, contact us or we will can contact you directly.

We are unable to process exchanges or new orders with your return.

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