Language Arts 4 – Creative Expression, Week 1

Updated Content

Please note that the sample paragraph given for the Creative Expression assignment “Family Heritage” Week 1 Day 4 in Language Arts 4 Guide is not in the present tense. We apologize for this error. Please use the following paragraph in its place for both the 4-Day and the 5-Day guides. (9.2018)

I am at the top of my game. The elevator doors slide open and I shoot the newspapers out, down one side of the hall and then the other before the doors close. I have good aim. I can fling the paper right to where it should land. Today I want to do all the floors faster than ever. I know I can get the papers delivered in record time and surprise my dad by how quickly I return to the lobby. As the elevator slows at the 5th floor, it seems to be moving at a snail's pace. I decide to help it along and jerk the doors open. The floor is knee high and the elevator shudders to a stop. Even though I can get out, the elevator is definitely stuck and won’t carry me to victory in the lobby any time soon. Perhaps I won't make that record after all.

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