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Please note that we have found some discrepancies within Language Arts D. We apologize for this error and the confusion it has caused. Please use the updated instructions below, and download and replace the Activity Sheets for Weeks 21 and 26. (1/2017)

Week 23, Day 112: B: Dialog (first and last paragraph under "B: Dialog" p. 68)

First Paragraph

When characters speak to each other in a story, we call it dialog. As your children learned yesterday in Week 19, writers put quotation marks around the exact words someone speaks. Here's an example of a dialog:… [use existing dialog]

Last Paragraph

Using the lines below "B: Dialog" on the Week 23 Activity Sheet, ask your children to continue the dialog between the Mouse and the Lion where the dictation passage left off from the excerpt below:

     The Mouse found the Lion struggling in the net. Running to the rope that bound him, she gnawed it and soon the Lion was free.

     "You laughed when I said I would repay you," said the Mouse. "Now you see that even a Mouse can help a Lion."

     "You're right," acknowledged the Lion. "I was wrong."

What does the Lion have to say in response to the Mouse? What might the Mouse say next? Encourage your children to be creative. Their dialog can be as silly as they want it to be. Here's an example of how the rest of the conversation might have gone:

     The Mouse replied, "That's OK. We all make mistakes."

     "Thank you for saving me. How can I repay you?"

     "Buy me a double cheeseburger and we'll call it even."


Week 27, Day 134: D: Rest for the Weary (first paragraph under "D: Rest..." p. 78)

Using their list of pros and cons of taking a Sabbath rest they made yesterday, your children should now write a short paper that discusses both sides of the issue. Challenge them to start their paper with an interesting hook that will grab a reader's attention. Have your children write their story on their Week 27 Activity Sheet under "D: Rest for the Weary." on a separate piece of paper.

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