Personalize Your All-Subjects Package

Get a program that matches your child's skills

It's a common occurrence for children to excel in some areas and perhaps lag a bit in others. The curriculum builder tool lets you put together a personalized All-Subjects Package that addresses the unique needs of each child across all subjects. Your price will reflect the materials you choose, so you only pay for the things you need.

When might you use the curriculum builder? Let's say your daughter is a second grader who excels at math. You can switch out the standard second grade math program (in this case, Math-U-See Beta) for Horizons 3 Math – or any other Sonlight math program that you believe better fits her needs.

When you build your own curriculum package, you have the same mix-n-match flexibility for all of the required subjects in your All-Subjects Package.

Imagine how smoothly your days will go and how well-supported your children will be in every subject area when the curriculum meets them where they are.

Here's how it works:

  1. Choose the curriculum package you want.
  2. Click on Build your own
  3. Add the appropriate subjects to complete your personalized All-Subjects Package.
  4. Enjoy the program you've created!


  • Can I personalize a recommended All-Subjects Package?
    Yes, select the All-Subjects Package you would like, and then click the "Build your All-Subjects Package" button and start building your customized curriculum.
  • Will I still get the same discount?
    Yes, as long as you get all the required subjects, your personalized All-Subjects Package will qualify for a 20% discount. Please note: Your discount applies to the materials you choose, so your price will be different from the base pre-build package.
  • If I make a mistake and select the wrong math, for example, how do I delete it from my shopping cart and add the product I want?
    We don't currently have the capability to delete a single subject that has been selected. Simply delete the entire personalized package from the shopping cart and rebuild your personalized package. It's quick and easy.
  • How do I choose a different History / Bible / Literature program for my All-Subjects Package?
    Start with the History / Bible / Literature program you want and build your All-Subjects Package from there.
  • I'm a returning Sonlighter, do I have to get the Required Resources a second time?
    If you don't need certain Required Resources, simply remove them in the cart.
  • Does your Love to Learn Guarantee still apply if I personalize a package?
    Absolutely! Your personalized All-Subjects Package is eligible for our one-year money-back guarantee.
  • If I personalize a package, do I still have the option to request your 9-month payment plan?
    Yes. Payment options become available during the checkout process.
  • Can I personalize more than one package per order?
    Yes. However, we recommend that you personalize one package at a time. For example, if you start to personalize a 2nd Grade All-Subjects Package, it's best to complete that portion of your order before you begin to personalize a second package.

Regardless of the curriculum path you choose, we believe you'll have a delightful experience learning together with Sonlight. If you need assistance, advice or encouragement at any time, we're here to support your homeschool adventure.

Choose Your Curriculum

One of our Homeschool Advisors — veteran Sonlight users who are specially trained to assist you — is available to help answer your unique questions, offer encouragement, and maybe even a word of prayer.

  • Chat live with a Sonlight Homeschool Advisor (7am-8pm MST M-F).
  • Call 800-903-1675 (International: 303-730-6292).
  • Email your question to

Don't hesitate to get the answers you need to start enjoying the advantages of Sonlight Curriculum literature-rich homeschooling!

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