Grade K Readers

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Learn to read! These kindergarten readers are perfect for children ready to learn the alphabet.

Grade K Readers

Perfect for children ready to learn the alphabet. Introduces each letter and the primary sound(s) it makes. Select this as part of your Pre-K or Sonlight A program. Add Language Arts K to complete your year.

Features the Sonlight-exclusive Fun Tales – a sequence of 27 booklets that help kids start reading as soon as possible. The first story uses only six simple sounds; the last uses all 26 letters.

Use Sonlight's Reading Assessment to see if the kindergarten reading level is the right level for your child.

Grade K Readers Schedule

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Schedule only for the K Readers Program. Includes the daily schedule and limited story study notes.

This item is not necessary if you use Sonlight's Language Arts for Grade K Readers Program.

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  • Age Range: 5-6
  • Grade Range: K

Fun Tales

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A set of 27 booklets geared to the letters as learned. Stored in a handy slip cover box. Includes zany kid-friendly illustrations.

What if your young ones could successfully read entire books on their own? Would they be motivated to keep reading? You bet! Fun Tales is a unique series of 27 booklets that tells wacky stories through a progression of short, readable, phonetically correct sentences.

The first story uses only six simple sounds. By the final tale, your children will know all 26 letters. As you move through each book, your children meet fun animal friends and apply new letter sounds as they learn them.

Because of the strict progression, the vocabulary is rather limited. The resulting stories may sound silly to your adult ears, but rest assured: your children's sense of achievement as they finish each new book is worth it!

Check out the samples to read a fun tale right now.

Stored in a sturdy Velcro-clasped box.

Yes, even early reading books like these can be an excellent opportunity to talk about important life lessons. Order your Kindergarten or History / Bible / Literature A package and see your children discover the joy of reading.

Fun Tales

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