Science C

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  • Title: Geology, Meteorology, and Mechanical Technology
  • Age Range: 7-9
  • Grade Range: 2-4

Awaken your children to the vastness of space and the complex make-up of our earth. Students study animals, birds, dinosaurs, machines, the human body, technology and inventions, Earth, the solar system, and weather and science experiments cover batteries (electricity), the human body, and weather. The Usborne Book of Knowledge serves as the key book for Science C. Other longer books include Planet Earth and Weather. Marie Curie is the highlighted scientist.

The 30 primary experiments this year deal with weather (meteorology), the human body, and batteries (electricity). Remember: you have all the experiment instructions, a DVD showing each one in action, and all but the most common experiment supplies you'll need included with your Science C package!

The Usborne Book of Knowledge

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Wonderful illustrations and fascinating text explain the history of inventions from the wheel to the camera. Describes how machines and the body work, how birds and animals live.

Note: Includes unit on human reproduction. One of those books you muse on. Fully illustrated. Color. 8-1/2"x11"



Science Activities, Vol. 3

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30 pleasurable experiments illustrated and explained in Usborne's unique fashion.

(Combines three of Usborne's Science With books: Weather, the Body, and Batteries.)




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Loaded with facts, dramatic photos and helpful graphics on all things weather. Learn about the formation of hurricanes and tornadoes, how we harness the weather as a power source, and more.


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The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System

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The magic school bus takes us along on a class trip to . . . the solar system.

Pb, full color.


Marie Curie's Search for Radium

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The true story of Marie Curie, the woman who proved the existence of radium and paved the way for the nuclear age.

Beautiful pastel drawings.

Pb, full color.


Science Supplies Kit C

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Science experiments can easily get passed over in homeschooling homes. A Sonlight Science Supplies Kit helps you fit the experiments into your life. You won't ever need to skip an experiment because you're missing a cork, a marble, a magnet, a thumbtack, a tiny lightbulb. No need to make a run to the hardware store to buy a galvanized nail (and then realize that you actually have to buy a box of 100, when you really need just one).

The Sonlight Science Supplies Kit has the items you need, in the quantities required.

Items in this kit are consumable but may be shared between multiple students.


  • AA batteries
  • aluminum foil
  • balloons
  • buzzer
  • chalk
  • clay
  • coffee filter
  • construction paper
  • dowel
  • glitter
  • magnifying glass
  • marbles
  • masking tape
  • mirror
  • nails
  • paper clips
  • paper fasteners (brads)
  • rubber bands
  • small light bulbs and bulb holders
  • spool
  • straws: straight and bendable
  • thermometer
  • toothpick
  • wire
  • washers

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Discover & Do Level 2 DVD

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In Discover & Do, Level 2, you'll observe more than 75 different experiments that are part of the Science C curriculum. Not only that, you'll learn how to do the experiments yourself... in the comfort of your own home!

You'll learn how to make a flashing lighthouse, why electricity and water don't mix, why you get dizzy, and how to take your own fingerprints. You'll make your own thermometer, complete a circuit, create a model lung, and much more.

We've always said that Sonlight is "great for your kids, AND great for you," and the Discover & Do DVD's were made with that in mind. As a busy parent who might not have the time to demonstrate the experiments his or herself, your kids will be able to watch the experiments and learn do it on their own.

Filled with fascinating activities and peppered with humor, this DVD is an ideal supplement to your children's education.

"We love Justin! We had to pause the DVD when he was doing the magnetic puppet thing, my boys were laughing so hard. One was literally rolling on the floor laughing... I tend to be pretty picky about my science resources, but I sure love this DVD. I'm seriously considering ordering the first one for my oldest son's 9th birthday... It would probably be his favorite gift."

Debra B. 13 April 2006


The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth

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This book describes and explains the various types of rock and rock formations by taking us on a tour through the center of the earth. Fascinating!

The fantasy framework and cornball humor may put off some parents, but our kids loved the "Magic School Bus" books.

Pb, full color.


Planet Earth

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Easy-to-read text and colorful pictures describe what makes earth (the only planet filled with life) so special. From volcanoes to erosion, Mt. Everest to Angel Falls, you'll see a glimpse of the planet's most amazing facts and features.


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Science C Instructor's Guide

Geology, Meteorology, and Mechanical Technology

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Includes the following resources for teaching all Science C subjects: full Schedule; Teaching Helps; student Activity Sheets; separate parent Instructions and full Answers and Definitions; and much more. Ready for your binder.

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Product Details
  • Age Range: 7-9
  • Grade Range: 2,3,4

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