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  • Title: Intro to the World: Cultures
  • Age Range: 5-7
  • Grade Range: K,1,2

Young adventurers: Explore God's big world!

  • Inspire a love of learning, gain a sense of history and explore far-off places.
  • Guide your children confidently each day: you get lesson plans, teaching tips and materials for the entire year.
  • Trek with missionaries, visit ancient Egypt and travel through jungles, America, Imperial China ... and more!
  • Devour fun historical fiction, stirring true stories and many children's classics.
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While the Pre-Kindergarten program emphasizes everyday things, everyday jobs, and everyday words, Sonlight A opens its investigation to the whole world.

I like to think of this course as a first attempt to place "pegs" for future information to hang on. Sonlight's other programs focus more in-depth on ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome; on the Vikings; on the World Wars. That will all come. But for this year, you'll read a few pages on each, as an introduction.

Overview of the History

In Sonlight A, two books tie the year's studies together. Both The Usborne Children's Encyclopedia and Living Long Ago feature simple text and excellent illustrations. You get brief, picture-filled overviews of key civilizations, like the Roman Empire and the Vikings. Explore the way people ate, dressed and lived through the centuries.

In Wild Places, children learn about the incredibly varied climates in the world: deserts, mountains, jungles.

The History also includes several wonderful, age-appropriate missionary biographies. I never grow tired of hearing of how the good news of Jesus changes people and cultures.

This program also includes my favorite children's Bible. When I read Egermeier's Bible Story Book to them, they would beg me to "read one more chapter!" I hope you will experience that same delight and interest in God's Word with your children.

Overview of the Literature

The Read-Alouds this year are stellar. I love the books, such as Winnie-the-Pooh and My Father's Dragon, in completely imaginary settings, with charming illustrations and escapades.

I also like the range of fiction books. You'll read one set in China, one in a lighthouse at Christmas, one in an apartment house in Florida, and one in the streets of Paris.

And we have a wonderful variety of fascinating nonfiction: two that take place in the ocean off the coast of Florida; a biography of Johnny Appleseed, born in New England in 1774. We have one book on nurses who served in Appalachia in the 1920s, one about the overthrow of a tyrant in the Alps in 1291, one set in France during WWII, and one about the unexpected adventures of a very unusual pet.

Click here learn more about Readers.

Estimated daily time for Intro to the World: Cultures plus your other subjects: Student: 1.5-2 hrs | Parent: 1-1.5 hrs


Designed for children who know the 26 basic letter sounds (only short vowels), this program begins with consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words and moves on to long vowel sounds and sight words.

Much of the year is spent on the three I Can Read It! books. In the beginning, one day's reading has perhaps ten simple sentences with a few words in each. By the end, there are more sentences, and the sentences are far more complex.

When the students are done with this series, there are additional easy readers, including the 236-different words book The Cat in the Hat (using the rollicking poetic rhythm anapestic tetrameter, no less!) and Little Bear, with not only delightful illustrations but a text that is emotionally moving far beyond the few words it employs.

A delightful collection of early readers.

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The Cat in the Hat

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The book that made Seuss famous.

The Cat's visit upsets everything.


Little Bear

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Modern classic about a loving bear cub.

Delightful drawings.


The Apple & the Arrow

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Newbery Honor. The legend of William Tell as told by his 12-year-old son.

The legend of William Tell has survived for more than seven hundred years. This is the story told through the eyes of William's son Walter, as he and his father struggle for the freedom of their family, their village, and their country.


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Adventures in Ancient Greece

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Siblings end up at the inception of the ancient Greek Olympics. The comic book style invites repeated reading. Excellent content and enjoyable.


Winnie the Pooh

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Winnie-the-Pooh tells the tale of young Christopher Robin and his companions—Piglet, Eeyore, and most of all, a bear called Pooh. Together, they adventure in the Hundred Acre Wood, discovering other creatures, celebrating birthdays, and lending each other a helping paw in times of trouble.

Your children will fall in love with books in your Kindergarten or History / Bible / Literature A package. Winnie the Pooh not only provides delightful reading that will help your children learn listening skills, but it also gives glimpses into life "across the pond" with unfamiliar vocabulary and phrases. There is also much to discuss in this thoughtful book, giving you plenty of opportunities to connect with your children this year in your homeschool curriculum. Your included Instructor's Guide provides plenty of notes so you won't ever have to feel lost even as you explore this fictional land with ties to another continent.


Richard Scarry's Please and Thank You Book

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A series of stories featuring Huckle, Lowly, Pig Will, Pig Won't, and other characters who demonstrate the good will generated by nice manners. Zany pictures and stories help reinforce manners lessons.

Full color.

This brief title helps open important, practical discussion with your children. As with the rest of the books included in your Kindergarten or Sonlight A package, there are many opportunities to turn what you have read into life lessons.


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My Father's Dragon

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A delightful story about a boy who rescues a sweet young dragon from her enemies through the judicious use of the unlikely items he has stored in his knapsack.

This children's story allows you to begin talking with your children about typically difficult topics such as oppression, laziness, compassion and resourcefulness. Literature breaks through the awkwardness and allows us to dig into both the good and bad of life. This provides an excellent foundation for further discussion as you study the world and other cultures in your Kindergarten or Sonlight A package.


James Herriot's Treasury for Children

Warm and joyful tales by the author of 'All Creatures Great and Small'

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All of the Yorkshire country vet's beloved books for children collected in one volume.

Each story is accompanied by warm, full-color, two-page illustrations. Oversize.

Not only will your children travel to the early 1900's in Northern England, they will also encounter a tremendous amount of new vocabulary through these fun and encouraging stories. Natural vocabulary practice is just one of the many benefits you get from a literature-based homeschool curriculum. The added benefits of enjoying reading together, developing listening skills, and discussing what we can learn from the lives of those who have gone before us are all part of your Kindergarten or Sonlight A package.


Adventures with Waffles

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Outstanding. A year in the life of two neighbors in Norway and their laugh-out-loud adventures. Cheery, sweet, good family story. Touches on grief, remembering, restoration. What do fathers do other than eat boiled cabbage? When the son has lived through his most sad day, the father comes and sings the son's own song, until the son releases his grief: "suddenly I realized what dads are for." Loved it entirely.


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In Grandma's Attic

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Stories of a remarkable grandmother's childhood in midwest North America over 100 years ago. Bring the past alive as only a born storyteller could.

Character caught not taught, as Jill on the Sonlight blog reminds us. Through these true stories we can see how character grows. Life lessons such as these make an enjoyable and informative impact on your children as you read, discuss and laugh together with this and other titles in your Kindergarten or Sonlight A package.


I Can Read It! Book 3

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Book 3 of the I Can Read It series.

The I Can Read It! stories engage your child with real plot, action, and humor. Each story moves your child through a natural progression of phonetic and spelling patterns.


A Fly Went By

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A boy watches a fly flee from a frog, but the frog isn't chasing the fly; rather, the frog flees from the cat... and so it goes.

Only when the boy finds out what causes all the flight does peace return. Rollicking rhymes and bright illustrations.


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Least of All

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The youngest of six children — and the only girl — Raven Hannah is not big enough to help with any of the work on her family's turn-of-the-century Vermont farm. But when the winter comes, she surprises everyone by being able to read — something no one else in her family can do.

Full color.

Part of your Kindergarten or History / Bible / Literature A package, this simple story brings the past to life and demonstrates important lessons. For example, what can you do with your time when you're stuck doing something you don't like very much? This is a vital theme for all of us and is echoed elsewhere in Sonlight's curriculum, such as in the also excellent Carry On, Mr. Bowditch. With great literature, your children can explore these deep themes as they grow.


Sing the Word: From A to Z - CD

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A great mnemonic aid: the entire set of 26 Scripture verses in the Bible A Memory program set to diverse musical styles on CD.

An incredibly wide range of musical instruments accompany a mix of children's and adult voices. Good for the ears and the heart. Uses various bible translations. Delightful.

With Sonlight, you do more than simply read the Bible. Each package helps you hide God's Word in your heart with memorization exercises. This CD, scheduled in your Instructor's Guide, wonderfully complements the rest of the Bible curriculum included in your Kindergarten or Sonlight A package.


The Best Trick

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A Sonlight exclusive, beginning chapter book developed by a homeschooling mom.

Fun story.


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The Bravest Dog Ever

The True Story of BALTO

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"The Bravest Dog Ever" is the true story of Balto and the dog sled team that delivered diphtheria medication to Nome, Alaska, through a blizzard in 1925.



I Can Read It! Book 1

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I Can Read It Book 1 of the series.

The I Can Read It! stories engage your child with real plot, action, and humor. Each story moves your child through a natural progression of phonetic and spelling patterns.


I Can Read It! Book 2

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Book 2 of the I Can Read It series.

The I Can Read It! stories engage your child with real plot, action, and humor. Each story moves your child through a natural progression of phonetic and spelling patterns.


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The Boxcar Children

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The classic Gertrude Chandler Warner book about four orphans who have to fend for themselves. Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny are orphans. Determined to make it on their own, they set out to find a safe place to live. They discover an old, red boxcar that provides shelter from a storm.

Stories of ingenuity, personal responsibility and just plain fun permeate your Kindergarten or Sonlight A package. This book not only introduces your children to another period of American History, it also helps them fall in love with stories and learning through literature.


Family Under the Bridge

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Set in Paris, the story of an old hobo whose heart and life become entangled with a fatherless family in search of a home.

Included in Sonlight A, this story begins with homelessness and ends with coming home.

When children and their mother lose their home, they move under a Paris bridge. The homeless man who lived there finds this annoying: all this time, he's avoided emotional entanglements, and now these children are stirring his affection. Drat!

Set around Christmas time, the end is a realistic and charmingly satisfying Christmas gift.

A thoroughly delightful story told with humor and warmth. Newbery Honor.


Mary on Horseback

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There are no hospitals or doctors in the Appalachian Mountains in the 1920s, so Mary Breckinridge, founds the Frontier Nursing Service to help those in need.

Told through the eyes of three people whose lives she touched, this informative and inspirational story by author Rosemary Wells paints a clear picture of the life and service of this little known heroine.

A great education does more than simply fill your children with facts and figures. Your children will certainly develop a broader vocabulary and a deeper understanding of history through this book, but they will also be encouraged to dream and consider the future. What do they want to do? Following the excellent example of Mary, you will be able to discuss the beauty of serving others, even without material reward. Uncover inspiration from history from this title and others in your Kindergarten or History / Bible / Literature A package.


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Johnny Appleseed: The Story of a Legend

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The real Johnny Appleseed was born John Chapman in 1774, in a small Massachusetts village. Discover his story through this wise and witty work. Learn how the apple tree-planting folk hero helped open and tame the American frontier.

Beautiful full-color folk-art illustrations.

With Sonlight, your children will discover that history is so much more than just names and dates. Apples and apple trees served many functions in the late 1700s. The legend of Johnny Appleseed has deep roots in what life was like in America over 200 years ago. This title provides just one more example of how your Kindergarten or History / Bible / Literature A package bring the past to life and connects it to today.

Get this as part of your complete homeschool curriculum and let the Instructor's Guide schedule your day and help you get the most from your reading.


Grade 1 Readers Schedule/Study Guide

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Includes the daily schedule and Study Guide.

Part of the History / Bible / Literature Instructor's Guide with Grade 1 Readers.


Living Long Ago

Everyday Life Through the Ages

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From ancient Egypt to the early part of this century: satisfy or spark your child's curiosity about how people used to dress, travel, eat and live.

You may be surprised at what you learn.

Clear, simple text and bright, detailed illustrations make this book both informative and fun.


One of the hallmarks of Sonlight's homeschool curriculum is that your children will return to the books in each program again and again. The fun and informative pictures in this Usborne title bring historical living conditions to life. This title, along with others in your Kindergarten or Sonlight A package, will help your children discover personal connections to history.


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Dolphin Treasure

Baby to the rescue!

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Sequel to Dolphin Adventure. Wayne is searching for buried treasure that sunk with a Spanish galleon off the Florida coast when a storm arises and his dolphin friend comes to his rescue.

The dolphins pay Mr. Grover back by saving his life during a deep sea treasure hunt.

History, oceanography and a fun story all come together in this followup to Dolphin Adventure. Years have passed, and this time Wayne needs help. If your children like treasure hunts and animals, this will be a hit! The world is an amazing place, and this is just one more book that helps you introduce your children to people, animals and places in your Kindergarten or Sonlight A package.



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Hilarious, true-life adventures of the Peet family when their eldest son agrees to get a capybara as a pet.



Here's a Penny

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Wherever Penny goes, he's sure to find adventure. He loses his overalls in a very sticky situation and searches for his new kittens only to find them dressed up in doll clothes.

Adorable stories of childhood adventures from the author of the beloved Betsy series.

Stories bring up many opportunities to talk about important ideas. This is a hallmark of Sonlight's curriculum book selection. In this title, you will be able to introduce your children to fun writing and deep topics like gratitude, adoption, and seeking advice. Get this book as part of your complete Kindergarten or History / Bible / Literature A package.


Save 10% on nearly every item when you purchase a complete Core Package. Details.

Put Me in the Zoo

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An "I Can Read It Myself" book about an animal full of amazing tricks who wants to join the zoo.


Out of Darkness

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A biography of Louis Braille. From his childhood and time at the Royal Institute for Blind Youth in Paris, through the latter years of his life as he persevered until the alphabet he developed gained acceptance.


History / Bible / Literature A Instructor's Guide

Intro to the World: Cultures

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When you order History / Bible / Literature A: Intro to the World: Cultures, your young adventurers will set out to explore God's big world and gain a sense of history, as they trek with missionaries, travel through jungles, and visit ancient Egypt, Imperial China, America and more.

This Instructor's Guide will:

  • Eliminate the frustration and untold hours you could spend to plan, research, develop and sustain your own curriculum. We've done all of the heavy lifting for you.
  • Save you from ever having to create another lesson plan. Never again stay up late or rise early, wondering what you're going to teach next — all lesson plans are included.
  • Keep your students right on schedule, so you know exactly where you should be. No more anxiety about pushing too hard or pacing the year too slowly — the IG shows you what to cover, every day.
  • Serve as a roadmap that shows you where you're going and exactly how to get there, yet offer the flexibility to accommodate diverse learning styles.

Want us to organize your IG for you? IG preassembly is convenient and saves you time, too.

Don't forget your Readers!
If you are not purchasing the complete level A program, please make sure to select a Reader program and guide that matches your child's reading level.

If you are purchasing the complete History / Bible / Literature A, you will get to choose your Readers (with the appropriate guide included) when you select your program.

Want to learn about all the ways your Instructor's Guides improve your homeschool? Click here.


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Return of the White Book

True Stories of God at Work in Southeast Asia

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God prepared the way for the Karen people of Burma to come to know him. When George Boardman and Adoniram Judson arrived, the Burmese were not terribly interested, but the Karen were desperately ready. Incredible story of God at work.

Part of the Hidden Heroes Missionary Stories series.


The Llama Who Had No Pajama

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From silly to contemplative, a satisfying collection of 100 favorite poems. Young readers of all levels will eat this up, and come back for more. Delightfully illustrated.

Read an enjoy poetry together as part of your Kindergarten or History / Bible / Literature A reading. The notes accompanying your Instructor's Guide schedule help nurture creativity in your children. As you travel the world in your curriculum, you will meet the ocelot and the procyonidae family, along with many other animals and things in this book. Yes, there is much for you to discover this year as well!


Egermeier's Bible Story Book

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A complete narration from Genesis to Revelation for young and old.

A classic edition of Bible stories that, while written in an interesting, easy-to-listen-to style, sticks very close to the Biblical text. Covers the whole Bible in order.


This Bible Story Book brings Scripture to life in the Bible portion of your Kindergarten or Sonlight A package. Scripture reading is a major part of your Sonlight experience, and your included Instructor's Guide will give you a daily schedule and extra notes as you read these Bible Stories together.

Order this book as part of your complete homeschool curriculum today.


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Sonlight's Create-A-Calendar

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Sixteen-month calendar covers your entire school year and teaches kids about the calendar. Learn the days, weeks and months of the year.

Each month features a grid of blank squares so you can fill in the days of the month on the correct days of the week. Opposite the grid is a line drawing for your child to color his or her own picture-of-the-month. 17" x 11". Comes with 140 fun and colorful stickers.

One of the beautiful aspects of Sonlight is a global perspective and a heart for the world. This calendar helps bring to life the many cultures you'll meet in your Kindergarten or Sonlight A package. As your children learn how to use a calendar and enjoy their artistic expression, they will also continually be reminded of the broader perspective your curriculum will offer this year.


The Light at Tern Rock

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Ronnie loves living in the lighthouse, but the days go by, and the keeper doesn't return. A simple but pleasurable Christmas story for all ages.

Excitement and disappointment are both common experiences in life. What's it like to be in a thrilling new place? How should we handle feelings of betrayal? These are just some of the questions this title broaches as part of your Kindergarten or Sonlight A package. Experience the ups and downs of life with your children as you read this and other titles in your complete homeschool curriculum from Sonlight.

Included in Sonlight A, this is a beautiful story about preparing one's heart for Christmas.

When the retired lighthouse keeper goes out to the rock to substitute in for the current keeper, she brings her nephew. They fully expect to be back to the mainland in time for Christmas. But as the days pass … something has gone wrong.

This is a story about betrayal and forgiveness. It sings.

And if you ever get tired of Christmas music, this book has one of the most beautiful descriptions of caroling I have ever read.

"You'll have fifty more Christmases in your life probably. But I won't. And the chance to lift my voice to the Lord in the old Christmas hymns, with my neighbors and friends around me in the peace of a Christmas service, is more precious than you can understand at your age."

If you have missed out on this one thus far, now is a great time to try it.

And if you still have it on your shelf – this is a great time to revisit this old friend.


The Story of Dr. Dolittle

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Dr. Dolittle sails off to save African monkeys from an epidemic and encounters amazing animals.

Delightful story.

As part of an introduction to the world, your children will travel halfway around the world in this book. With a mix of fairy tale experiences and real world animals, this title adds joy to your global, cultural studies in your Kindergarten or Sonlight A package. Pictures and notes in your Instructor's Guide enhancing your reading.


Save 10% on nearly every item when you purchase a complete Core Package. Details.

Green Eggs and Ham

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"Try it . . . you might like it" is the theme of this delightful Dr. Seuss classic.


Twenty and Ten

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Twenty school children hide ten Jewish children from the Nazis occupying France during World War II.

During the German occupation of France, twenty French children are sent to a refuge in the mountains. When 10 Jewish children are brought to the school, hiding them seems like a game — until the Nazis arrive, and ten lives depend on the cunning and courage of twenty. An astonishing, beautiful tale based on a true story.

Like the events in The Hundred Dresses, this book helps your children consider how they care for outsiders and confront the ugly side of humanity. Is Kindergarten or Sonlight A too early to consider WWII? Not at all. This age-appropriate title brings one of the greatest conflicts of world cultures to light, and reminds us all that we must act with compassion and courage. Just one of the many amazing aspects of using Sonlight's complete homeschool curriculum.


A Big Ball of String

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Imagine all the amazing things you could do if only you had a huge ball of string!

This wonderful rhyming story shows how a boy sick in bed can still find ways to do fun things — with something as simple as string!


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One Fish, Two Fish...

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What can we say about this book? One of the master's best!

"From there to here, / from here to there, / funny things / are everywhere." Silliness with a purpose.


The Good News Must Go Out

Stories of God at Work in the Central African Republic

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Mama Laird served as a missionary in the Central African Republic for decades, and saw great moves to God. One dear follower was beaten by drunks until he almost died, but 300 or so people came to his house of death and followed Jesus, until a day no one came. Then he said, "God, let me get up or die." Incredible, beautiful, challenging. Marvelous.

Part of the Hidden Heroes Missionary Stories series.


A Grain of Rice

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A humble farmer wants to marry the Emperor's daughter . . . and succeeds because of his wisdom.


China comes to life in your Sonlight reading as you enjoy this tale with your children. This story also beautifully illustrates the mathematical concept of doubling and exponential growth in a way that even children can smile to hear. Literature provides so many opportunities to see your studies interconnect in your Kindergarten or Sonlight A package.


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Dolphin Adventure

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Eighty feet below the ocean's surface, Wayne Grover encounters three dolphins, one with a large fish hook stuck in his back.

The dolphins want his help! Exciting true adventure.

You will meet many different animals from around the world this year in your curriculum. This true story — along with it's companion, Dolphin Treasure — demonstrates the fragile yet powerful link we share with animals. An exciting story that brings scuba driving and the wonders of the ocean beneath the waves to life, your children will discover more of the wonders of creation. A fun book in your Kindergarten or Sonlight A package.


The Arnold Lobel Book of Mother Goose

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Lobel, ed. Gorgeous, heavy hardbound collection of 306 classic illustrated nursery rhymes.

This Mother Goose nursery rhymes book includes old favorites like "One, two, buckle my shoe," "Little Boy Blue" and "Little Miss Muffet." Captivating full-color illustrations by Arnold Lobel. Oversized.

Classic nursery rhymes are a great way to help your children appreciate poetry. Literature &mdash in all forms — makes up the bulk of Sonlight's curriculum. Here, in your Kindergarten or History / Bible / Literature A package, this title allows your children to become familiar with poetry of various types. Your Instructor's Guide brings to light poetic distinctions, such as limericks as a specific form of poetry, as you read.


I Can Read It! Word Lists

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Save 10% on nearly every item when you purchase a complete Core Package. Details.

Timeline Figures A

World Cultures

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Over 40 Timeline Figures for Sonlight A on self-adhesive heavy card stock. Just cut them out, color and stick them in your Timeline Book.

Timeline Figures

Sonlight's Timeline Book paired with program-specific Timeline Figures make creating your own timeline easy and delightful.


The Hundred Dresses

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Two normally sensitive girls repent of "making fun" of the poor girl in their class who says she has a hundred dresses.


When was the last time you used the word "derisively" in a conversation with your children? One of the amazing benefits of reading great books as part of your homeschool curriuclum is that you introduce words like these into your children's vocabulary. But more than that, these titles provide opportunities to consider important — sometimes painful — topics, like dealing with guilt and bullying. This story provides a child-accessible glimpse into the past and how cultures can grate against one another, like many other inspiring and sobering tales in your Kindergarten or Sonlight A package.


Usborne Internet-Linked Children's Encyclopedia

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Introduces your child to world geography, geology, cultures, weather, simple physics (light, levers, etc.) and much more. Fun pictures throughout.

Also used in History / Bible / Literature A. If you order Science A as a stand-alone package, you will need to purchase this item as well.

Reference books like this one can provide an excellent introduction to big areas of study. Since the focus of your Kindergarten or History / Bible / Literature A package is an introduction to the world and cultures, this handy, colorful resource fits perfectly. From day one of your school year, your Instructor's Guide schedules your reading and provides helpful notes for further discussion with your children.


Orders over $25 may qualify for FREE Media Mail Shipping (to the lower 48 states). Details.

Wild Places

Mountains, Jungles, & Deserts

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Introduce your child to the geography, climate, animal and human lifestyles in three habitats: mountains, jungles and deserts.

Gorgeous pictures fill every page.

Discovering far off places is just one of many things you'll do in your Kindergarten or Sonlight A package. This book helps your child develop a big-picture understanding of how people live differently throughout the world. This knowledge provides a framework for future in-depth study of history.

Order this title as part of your complete homeschool curriculum today.


No Children, No Pets

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Three children and their widowed mother inherit a run-down apartment building in Florida. A sign on the front door says "No Children, No Pets." Adventure awaits as the kids solve lingering mysteries and help fix up the building. A satisfying childhood tale that keeps you guessing what will happen next.

Children's stories like this one introduce many new vocabulary words and popular phrases. Your Instructor's Guide — part of your complete homeschool curriculum — helps your children get the most out of listening to you read. Given your children the gift of learning through a good story with this book and the rest of your Kindergarten or History / Bible / Literature A package.


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