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I bought a Digital SLR camera a while ago to have one more resource in my film making bag. The minute I got I home, I sat down to learn how to use it and make it a more powerful tool. Pretty soon I was reading about firmware updates, lenses, audio adapters, and other things I'd never encountered before. I was learning because I was interested in making movies using my new camera. In many ways, this was the epitome of "delight directed learning."

This certainly wasn't the first time I'd learned something for fun in my life. I've had similar experiences with computer programming, web development, blogging, media production, debate, scientific study, being in a band, theology, and more. Interest-led learning is one of the most natural ways to pursue knowledge and gain skills.

And, as a homeschooler, I had time to be creative. This left me with many opportunities to participate in interest-led learning.

I still think a more structured educational approach is beneficial as well. We should be stretched and introduced to many things so we can discover even more interests.

And that's where homeschooling is so fantastic: We can experience both formal instruction that fits our educational needs and still have plenty of time to let our interests lead us to learn more.

What things have you--or your children--learned "on your own time"?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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4 Responses to Your Interest-Led Learning

  1. Taryn says:

    Yes! This resonates with me. I did so little interest-led learning as a child. I'd say I've done the most learning in the second half of my life, thanks to interest-led learning - from medical questions to basic web design and computer language that I never ever imagined being interested in when I was still at school. Bizarre, isn't it?! Give me a task that I'm excited about and I can learn so much. In fact, even my grammar knowledge has taken HUGE leaps in the last 6 months thanks to all the self-editing I've done with my book. This is the kind of learning that is the most exciting. I've not quite totally figured out how to tap into it for my own kids though... Maybe that can be your next post?!

  2. Luke says:

    Heh. I'll see what I can do, Taryn! Thanks for sharing. Isn't it exciting to be on this life-long journey of learning? [smile]


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