What Went Well This Year?

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Heather Sanders has a good post on how praising your kids can backfire. It reminded me of the article about how we should praise a person's efforts rather than intelligence. If you haven't at least skimmed the article, please do so.

"The 'smart' kids took the cop-out." For me, that observation is a no-brainer. If a task--like school--is about looking good or performing well, the intelligent move would be to ensure you meet that standard. There is no benefit to trying to get better. That's why I'm thankful I was homeschooled without grades: Grades only deterred me from trying things I could get wrong. Homeschooling allowed me to focus on getting it right which naturally encourages you to try harder and improve.

As you look back on this last year of homeschooling, what has gone well? What specific areas of legitimate praise do you and your children deserve? I love the story Heather shares in her post, and I think there is much we can learn from it. But what else went well? What area of struggle did your son or daughter persevere through--despite the tears and frustration? That is something to praise as well!

May our children constantly strive to learn more and improve. May they see challenges as opportunities. May they never succumb to situations where the "smart" thing to do is give up when they should have carried on. And may the same be true of us.

So what went well this year? I'd love it if you'd come and "brag" a bit about what you and your children achieved!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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4 Responses to What Went Well This Year?

  1. CM says:

    My oldest (6.5y/o) learned to read - that went well. But, more importantly, he grew very safe in his attachment to us (5 years home from Russia) and demonstrates remarkable healing with each passing month. He's worked hard for this emotional safety and we are ultra-thrilled to be experiencing it with him.

  2. Luke says:

    That is fantastic, CM! Attachment can be such a huge hurdle and it's so encouraging to hear that he continues to grow in that despite the challenges. Excellent!


  3. CM says:

    Thanks Luke! Not everyone gets how huge that is for us - which certainly doesn't diminish the accomplishment, but it's very nice to be cheered on in this particular pursuit.

  4. Luke says:

    My wife and I have had some experience with mild RAD and it was tough. May God's grace and peace continue to be near your whole family.


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