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Homeschool Grading and Transcripts for High School in 3 Steps

Grading is a topic that generates a whole range of emotions among homeschoolers. Some folks began homeschooling to get away from the stigma of grades. Others just want an easy way to assign a grade and be done with it. … Continue reading

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The Horizon and Beyond...

As I read Judy’s post about another milestone in their family I couldn’t help thinking of an upcoming milestone in ours. In December, our youngest son will graduate from college and my husband and I are already patting ourselves on … Continue reading

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The High School Milestone

This past week I have had a number of opportunities to chat with moms and dads who are considering the monumental task of teaching a high school student. Many are already homeschooling, but the thought of tackling subjects such as … Continue reading

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How do I plan for high school?!

Homeschooling elementary age children is a huge decision. Many of us couldn't imagine teaching someone to read when we started out. But homeschool a high schooler?! No way I'm up to that task!! When I talk with folks about homeschooling … Continue reading

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