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17 Fabulously Fun Summer Activities for Homeschool Families

Welcome to summer! Whether you homeschool year-round or take a break in the summer, these next months can be rich times of getting outdoors, building family memories, and letting your children explore what interests them. If you’d like some inspiration … Continue reading

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8 Ways to Use Your Summer for a Smooth New School Year

Many families homeschool year-round, going straight through the summer, taking breaks only when needed. But for the rest of us, a long summer break is a great way to rejuvenate. This summer as you are relaxing quietly in the air-conditioning … Continue reading

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How to Raise Children When They (and You) Keep on Changing

I’d like to put words to a difficult reality that all mothers face: your life changes very quickly in this season of raising and educating children. May I encourage you in the face of this? One habit that can help … Continue reading

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After Dark

Summer is such a fun time for relaxed outdoor learning. Warm summer evenings are a great opportunity to learn about astronomy, especially since you don't have to worry about "school night" bedtimes. Something my family looks forward to in August … Continue reading

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Did You Use Algebra Today?

Just like the humorous image in this post, I have yet to use Algebra today. I haven't utilized polynomials, solved for a single variable, or graphed anything. But I did use Algebra the other day when I filled up my … Continue reading

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Taking a Break

Have you noticed how much work you to have to do to go on vacation? For me, it often feels so overwhelming, I'd rather stay home. I'm a homebody. My wife rejects my proclivity, insisting that vacations are a good … Continue reading

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Don't let your child flunk summer

I wish I could take credit for the catchy title, but I can't. It was the opening line from an excellent blog entry that I read earlier this week. The author also made the following statement, which really caught my … Continue reading

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