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6 Steps to Getting Back into a Homeschool Routine after Holidays

It can be hard to reestablish a sense of normalcy after a break in the homeschool routine, can’t it? Even if the tree is still blinking in the corner of the living room, Christmas is, to borrow from Charles Dickens, … Continue reading

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7 Ways To Catch Up When You’re Behind Schedule in Homeschool

Every once in awhile we have one of those years where we fall behind schedule in homeschool. Just kidding! We fall behind schedule at least a few times every year. Usually I get a head start by beginning school in … Continue reading

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How My Home Routine Fosters a Peaceful and Productive Homeschool

At about four o’clock I begin the daily ritual of walking through my home after teaching for the day. My mind still cluttered with math problems, I see a home equally overloaded with family clutter. Silently I resolve not to … Continue reading

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How to Clean Up Your Homeschool Schedule Like You Tidy a Room

I can clean a child’s room, spotless, in under 10 minutes—even the biggest disaster of a room. All it takes is a broom and some determination. The trouble with cleaning a messy room isn’t the stuff in the room—it's the … Continue reading

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A 3-Part Homeschool Routine: Morning Time, Table Time, & Tea Time

I find that homeschool routines come more naturally and are easier to follow than homeschool schedules. A good homeschool routine follows your family's natural rhythm, gently weaving learning time into your daily life. For example, I am not an early bird, and … Continue reading

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Scheduling Your Homeschool Day: 6 Principles That Work

For many homeschool moms, schedule is a bad word, striking terror in their hearts. Some homeschool moms feel hindered by the rigidity of a schedule. Some moms simply can’t find a schedule that consistently works for their family, day after … Continue reading

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Moving from Exhaustion to Rhythms of Rest in Your Homeschool Life

Are you tired? I don't mean the kind of tiredness which goes with the territory of being a full-time educator, full-time mom, and full-time renaissance woman. (Pass the coffee.) No, I'm talking about habitual, out-of-control, runaway tiredness, the kind of … Continue reading

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