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5 Reasons to Teach History Without a Textbook

Sonlight teaches History using great books, in a method that over the last three decades has proven itself to be both powerful and effective. But why would we choose to rely on literature instead of other tried-and-true materials or methods? … Continue reading

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5 Reasons a Sonlight Program May Have Anachronistic Books

As you’re going through your homeschool year with Sonlight, you might occasionally wonder about the dramatic change in subject matter. Maybe you’re in Sonlight C, studying the Renaissance, when suddenly you have a Read-Aloud set in contemporary Manhattan. What?! Where … Continue reading

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How a Literature-based Curriculum Prepares Teens for STEM Careers

What careers would you expect Sonlight students to choose? With a literature-rich curriculum, would you expect them to become missionaries, business people, pastors, or homemakers? Well, many certainly do. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. A literature-based homeschool … Continue reading

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Telling Stories

Imagine you grew up in an ancient indigenous culture. Imagine there were no books, no computers, no electricity. How would you have spent your evenings? Perhaps around a fire listening to stories. Most cultures around the world have passed on … Continue reading

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What Makes a Book Great?

It's no secret that Sonlight values a literature-rich approach to education. We do this because we believe great books present unique learning opportunities. Here are three key reasons we use literature: 1. Literature conveys information in an enjoyable format. 2. … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Multiple Teachers

The youth pastor at our church is a wiry young man around my age. His current fashion sense drips "hipster" but he's sincere even if he does wear a vest. I'm attending a parent's meeting about the upcoming winter camp. … Continue reading

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Sonlight to me

Jonelle's blog post from earlier this week made me stop and think what Sonlight means to me. I enjoyed reading her comments, and wondered how mine might differ. Sonlight has certainly been a large part of my life for the … Continue reading

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