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How to Create a Lifestyle of Learning

When you homeschool, your whole approach to learning starts to change. You may begin to look at nearly everything as a learning opportunity. That newfound perspective doesn’t mean you drag an encyclopedia to the playground. But it does mean you've discovered that learning new things … Continue reading

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Sleep: A Surprising Reason to Homeschool

By itself, the promise of getting enough sleep is probably not a big enough benefit to convince you to start homeschooling. But once you begin homeschooling, and your children get enough sleep, you will wonder how you survived before. The … Continue reading

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The Best Way to Build Vocabulary in Your Homeschool

The average active vocabulary of an adult English speaker is ten to twenty thousand words, with a passive vocabulary (the words you recognize, but don’t use) of 40,000. As a point of comparison, Shakespeare’s vocabulary is estimated at over 66,000. … Continue reading

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Learn Effortlessly by Reading Great Books

If something ma[kes] us incredibly frightened, elated, sad, or angry—four of the primary human emotions—we're more likely to remember it. The Organized Mind, 52. Neuroscientists have found that humans remember the things they feel. This makes sense—in the midst of … Continue reading

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Learning Doesn't End at Graduation

There are days when I look back with longing at the days when we were homeschooling, and wish for those days again. Especially when the current part of my journey is difficult. Surely it was "easier" in those days! The … Continue reading

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Does Learning Have to Be Painful?

Some educators seem to suggest: “Learning is painful. Get used to it.” They expect kids to learn to grit their teeth and persevere. And yes, education may be hard. Perseverance  is a valuable skill. But should that be our starting … Continue reading

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The Big List: 25 Ways that Reading Helps Your Children

"Sonlight students Samantha, Karlie and Brandon R soak up all the benefits of books on their favorite reading rock" I love books. And I love helping children learn to love books. But not only because reading is a great pastime. … Continue reading

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