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8 Reasons I Love My Sonlight Instructor’s Guide

In a Sonlight education, books enjoy the widest swath of the spotlight. It’s a literature-based education, so this makes sense. But what about that big blue binder? The Instructor’s Guide is a tidy compendium of schedules, notes, memory work, maps, … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Cut Back But Still Stay on Schedule in Your Homeschool

When I started homeschooling my daughter, I read a small excerpt in the Instructor’s Guide (IG) of my curriculum about how to track progress. The recommendation was to place a checkmark after each completed activity. Adding the date was optional. … Continue reading

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10 Ways Your Instructor's Guide Can Flex for Your Homeschool

Sonlight Instructor's Guides (IG) hold your lesson plans for 36 weeks—an entire school year—of homeschool. (Get samples here.) They have been likened to many different things to demonstrate their central place in a homeschool plan: a road map a buffet … Continue reading

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The Everything Guide to Your Sonlight Instructor’s Guide

One of the best things about Sonlight is the easy-to-use Instructor’s Guides (IG). We wanted to make the layout as helpful as possible for all customers, so here’s a primer on how to use it, and adjust it, for your … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Having a Plan

It's late in the day for me. I'm sitting here trying to conjure up a blog post topic. Nothing. I flip through my Other Posts of Note hoping for some inspiration. Nope. I stare out the window. I take a … Continue reading

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Making Modifications

A few weeks ago my husband and I bought a new car. It's a perfectly lovely car with lots of nice features. My husband, who enjoys driving above all things, says it's a "driver's car." One of the first things … Continue reading

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