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Five Myths About "Good Homeschool Moms"

As homeschool moms*, we usually know somewhere in our heads that we are our children's best teacher. But getting our hearts to believe that can be another story. When we're honest, many of us face a nagging fear that we … Continue reading

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Help! I've Lost My Homeschool Groove! Here's How to Find It Again

Lately, my kids and I were having a hard time feeling motivated to get back in the swing of homeschooling after a break. We had family visits and a couple bouts with sickness—the usual things that can derail us from … Continue reading

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Homeschooling is Hard and Worthy Work

Every year around this time, I see cartoons in which moms celebrate the yellow bus coming around the corner and shout, “Take my kids, please!” Those comments usually make me sad, because I really loved being with my kids and … Continue reading

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With Homeschooling, You Set the Pace So Kids Never Have to Fail

If your child is 5 and reading at a third grade level, why would you leave her in school? She needs something more challenging. And if your child is 5 and barely recognizing letters yet, why would you leave him … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Rediscover Your Homeschool Joy

If you are hitting a wall in your homeschool today, this post is a virtual hug of encouragement to help you rediscover your homeschool joy. Although it's a list of suggestions, please don't hear them as another list of tasks to … Continue reading

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Four Levels of Rest for Homeschool Parents

God seems to take rest pretty seriously. And as we sit in this limbo time between Christmas and the New Year, you might be more aware than usual of your need for deep rest. Perhaps you don't just feel "body … Continue reading

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Sonlight's Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 2

After more than a decade of reading ideas on the Sonlight forums, I have been amazed at how creative and thoughtful Sonlight moms often are about giving gifts. Some examples: One family gives only three gifts to each for Christmas, … Continue reading

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