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I Came Back to Sonlight Because I Love My Freedom

As we approached the end of our homeschool year, I did what all homeschooling moms do—I considered which curriculum to select for the next school year. In my household the end of the school year is a time of reflection to evaluate what is … Continue reading

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Homeschooling Gives You Choices

I had just graduated college, was starting a film production company, my wedding was in a month or two, and I needed to find a house in which to live. I tend to jump in with both feet. I found … Continue reading

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Trust your gut ...

Spring is on its way in upstate NY ... at least the calendar and the weathermen say it is. I keep looking for the hyacinths that I photographed last spring ... but the snow is still too deep to find … Continue reading

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From Luke's Inbox: Why Shouldn't I Use Free Curriculum?

I could offer my son a free, online education with K12 which would be easier on me. However, that would teach from the world's view. Is the benefit of homeschooling the education with a biblical worldview, or the morality of … Continue reading

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What Math Program is Right for My Child?

Sonlight offers several math programs so you can use the one that fits your students' needs. You can get a program that teaches the lessons for you, a textbook that will thrill your problem-loving student, a colorful and hands-on package … Continue reading

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Website Update 2013

My goal for 2013 was to make it easier for you to select homeschool materials for your family. I wanted to reduce the interruptions to the selection process and save you time. Also, with more and more people using tablets, … Continue reading

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Why do people want their babies to be adults?

This is one of my most favorite, but also most frustrating, times of year. Spring is just around the corner, our new catalog has just released, and people are beginning to emerge from their winter "slumber" to consider their curriculum … Continue reading

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