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I have been mulling for a while about what to blog about. It's only once a month, but still, to try and find something that could possibly be of interest and encouraging to you's harder than you think. (Kudos to those who blog daily!)

But when I got right down to it, there is one thing that is always encouraging, and that's Christ: the focus on him and what he is doing. It isn't always fun, it's rarely easy, but one thing about him remains true: he is worth writing about. And writing about him is encouraging. And praising him is worth it.

I've been doing the Thankful month, posting each day on Facebook what I'm thankful for. I've done Ann Voskamp's study. I try to be positive. But I'm doing a study right now on Isaiah. When we were looking at who Christ is -- Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace -- I just broke down.

This Wonderful Counselor, of whom I can ask any question, from whom I can beg attention, who never tires of hearing me seek help and who gives good counsel ... how I long for that!

The Mighty God, creator and ruler, beyond all others, the one who puts things in order and in their place. Who says, "As I have promised, so shall it be," who can stop him? It stops me in my tracks. The things God has purposed, they will come about. I'm so glad that when I look around and see chaos, God is not surprised. He is not overwhelmed. When I cannot see the good or the reason, God is above that, bigger still than that.

And the Everlasting Father, someone who is so large and so great, yet, a father. A good father. One who is near. One who will never leave. Never forsake. Never hurt or abuse.

Prince of Peace. One who brings comfort. One who offers something that is integral to who he is. One who reigns with peace. Who provides peace. One who will one day usher in a period of peace.

These different aspects of God, these small parts of the whole of who he's amazing. And definitely something to focus on.

Until next time,

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I was one of the original Sonlight users. Sarita is my mom and Luke is my older brother. You may also know Amy from the Beam, who is my older sister, and Justin from MathTacular is my baby brother. I am a mother to three: one girl dancing in heaven, and two little girls at home with me. I love talking, reading, digging in the dirt, and fashion. I am passionate about world missions and love working part time from home for Sonlight.
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