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Ever wondered what your child's reading level was?

I haven't, but I'm still waiting on my kids to arrive <smile>. And when they come they will likely be speaking and reading Russian, so it won't be hard to place their English reading level.

But for those of you starting out on this homeschooling journey, you may wonder what level of books you should purchase for your child. What Sonlight Core should you buy?

The fine guys of the web development team have created a fantastic little tool for you to use. The web-based Quick Reading Assessment will quickly help you discover your child's reading level.

Todd has a pop.

So cool!

Just one of the many things that Sonlight is doing to help you in your homeschool journey.

I took the test yesterday, just to see how fun it was, and it turns out I can read.


~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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7 Responses to Reading Assessment

  1. Kelsey says:

    Oh neat thanks!

  2. Luke says:


    Glad you found that cool too <smile>. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. The Happy Housewife says:

    Thank goodness you can read! I have enjoyed looking around your blog today. Keep up the good work!

  4. Luke says:


    Thanks for stopping by!


  5. Natalie @ I AM (not) says:

    Thanks! I'll check it out for my kiddos.

  6. Karen Joy says:

    I saw a comment from you on Tammy Takahashi's excellent blog ( and I thought, "Holy cow, is that John's son?" Not like I know your dad personally... You work for Sonlight too? The family business is now in its second generation, eh? That's cool. I'm a Sonlighting mother, been an SL'er for five years. Nice blog.

  7. Luke says:


    I have been producing Sonlight's videos for a long while now (Discover & Do and MathTacular). But now I am officially full time here at Sonlight, yes. And yes, I am my father's son <smile>.

    I'm very glad you are all enjoying this blog. I will do my best to keep it awesome <smile>. And, I know, I need a good header image up top... still trying to find a good one.


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