Props from Two Years Ago

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Tip of the Day:
Keep the things you've made just in case.

I needed a prop we used a couple years ago for something I was working on today. It was a pizza box that we had dutifully smeared with oil to make it look like it was grease-stained.

Pizza Delivery

Thankfully, we still had it. Otherwise the thing I was doing would have become an even bigger hack-job and required a lot more time.

Ah... the world of media production: Where lying fabricating reality is a way of life.

The only problem with keeping stuff you make is that you have to find a home for it. And space is limited. At least, it is at my house. Especially when you start covering walls with bookcases...

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

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Filmmaker, Writer, Pseudo-Dad
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7 Responses to Props from Two Years Ago

  1. Mrs. C says:

    ARG!! What are you working on today??? Need to know here. You seriously can't mean to make me wait to find out.

  2. Kim & Dave says:

    I'm not sure I want to know....ha!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just voted for you at the homeschool blog awards!

    Good Luck.

    Take care,

  4. Sue says:

    Uh... 6 people, 880 sq.ft. Enough said! We'd be remaking that prop for sure.

    So, what's it for? Come on, tell us!

  5. Luke says:

    Mrs. C, that prop was actually used in MathTacular4... which we shot way back in the day. <smile>

    Kim, <smile>.

    Thanks so much, Amy! And I have some how missed your blog until now. I've added you to my reader and hope to get to know you better in the coming days <smile>.

    I hear ya, Sue! And that prop was, as I told Mrs. C, used in MathTacular4. I just can't refuse friends who beg me for information <smile>. Well, information I'm free to share <smile>.


  6. mom says:

    Aww, I wish you wouldn't have brought this topic up as I've been trying to eliminate things I haven't used in a long you're allowing me to reconsider a bit! LOL!

    Tammy ~@~

  7. Luke says:

    <laughing> That's why I added the "limited space" bit. If you don't have room for it: Get rid of it!


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