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Heart of the Matter is hosting another Meme, this time encouraging people to upload a video introducing themselves to others.

So here is mine:

HotM Meme: Meet Luke Video - YouTube

HD Version

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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About Luke

Filmmaker, Writer, Pseudo-Dad
Tags: Luke.

12 Responses to Meet Luke Video Meme

  1. Mrs. C says:

    Hey, it was nice to meet your wife there! The little gerbil guy is cute. I wonder what your kids will think of him?

  2. Amy says:

    Hey Luke! It was so nice to see you and Brittany. You definitely have a voice made for film!

  3. Angela says:

    Luke! I am so happy that you and your wife participated in this!

    It has been so much fun putting voices with faces.

  4. Marsha Marsha Marsha says:

    It was fun seeing and hearing you and Brittany! And the squeaky rat was very impressive to my boys. I need to give them some work to do as a distraction-- I don't want them getting any bright ideas!

  5. Nikowa says:

    Oh wow, love your rat! (from a crazy animal lover!)

  6. Dawn @ My Home Sweet Home says:

    Rats are the best pets! Nice meeting you and your wife.

  7. Renae says:

    So, Luke, will you do a mini lesson in film-making for us just in case HOTM ever does this again? ;)

  8. Farm Fresh Jessica says:

    I just have to say--I love Sonlight!

    Would you want a slightly used guinea pig? ;-) Ours is rather boring & she needs a new home.

  9. Darcy @ LWM3B says:

    Dude! "Thanks for watching!" ????

    You put us to shame with your skillz. So maybe a tut is in order. What program do you use to edit your videos. My video would have been so much more coherent with some editing. ;)

    That was awesome. I wish you and your wife the very best in bringing your children home and in your homeschool journey!


  10. Luke says:

    Mrs. C, Nevil the rat is included in our Home Study, so the Kyrgyz know about him <smile>.

    Amy, I've tried to put my voice to good use in various Sonlight productions. Still learning how to use it effectively.

    Angela, I agree, it has been very fun to see everyone!

    Marsha (x3), a pet rat is a pretty good pet. Smaller, cheaper, and perhaps easier than some of the larger animals. Plus we can have him and still have people over who have allergy issues with cats and dogs.

    Nikowa, Nevil certainly is getting more love from the video than either Brittany and I <laughing>.

    Dawn, nice to meet you and your daughters as well!

    Renae, I will gladly do a lesson on filmmaking any time. In fact, I already have a blog going just for that: But feel free to ask anytime. I'm here to help!

    Jessica, I love hearing from people who love Sonlight! I'm not sure about the used guinea pig <smile>.

    Darcy, I didn't say "Thanks for watching," sorry for missing that. Oops. Or, were you referring to something else? I'm lost. <scratches head>
    I shot with my Canon XLH1, edited with Final Cut, and exported via Compressor.

    Thank you all for taking the time to stop by and watch my little video!


  11. Amy Bayliss says:


    Your video was great, of course. I am so glad that we were able to see Brittany too! I'm not too sure about the squeaky, long tailed critter though. He kind of gave me the heebiegeebies (I know it isn't really a word just play along.) My boys sure did love watching him though. They even asked for one. I laughed. :)

  12. Luke says:


    Rats a great pets. I wasn't so sure either, but my wife absolutely loves the little guy.

    You should reconsider. And if you need to see one in person first, come on over to my house <smile>.


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