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It's Okay More Homeschoolers Are Behind in School

A 2012 study shows that homeschoolers were [at least] twice as likely to report being behind grade level than non-homeschoolers. Statistically, then, as homeschoolers, we're two to three times more likely to be behind than our publicly educated peers. Wait. … Continue reading

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Two Images that Portray the Homeschool Lifestyle: a Day at the Beach and the Archer

As I continue to reflect on my own upbringing, I offer the following two analogies of godly parenting and homeschooling. I trust they are an encouragement to you as you raise your children and help you answer questions others may … Continue reading

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Homeschooling at its Best is Education, Not Indoctrination

With homeschooling, you have the daily opportunity to teach your values and pass on your beliefs to your children. There is, of course, no guarantee that your children will choose to agree with you at the end of the day. … Continue reading

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New Payment Plan Options January 4

I am pleased to announce that a week from today -- January 4, 2016 -- you will have more opportunities to take advantage of Sonlight's fee-free payment plans. What's new? Year-round 3-, 6-, or 9-month options Spend $799 (or get … Continue reading

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Welcome the Opposition to Homeschooling

Don't let me forget to tell you about how wolves change rivers. But first... I'm on my way home from a family trip. There are nine of us on this flight, so I'm across the aisle from my wife and … Continue reading

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Don't Stay in School - musings on education

If you haven't see the educational video Don't Stay in School, check it out: I enjoyed the song. It's catchy, creative, asks some solid questions, and points to frustrations to which millions of people can relate. Myself, included. But even … Continue reading

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Why Get an Education?

We seem to agree that "an education" is important. But why? Why go through the trouble of being educated? Put another way: What is the purpose of education? [For this post, I'm going to set aside the more basic questions … Continue reading

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