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Homeschooling with Morning Sickness

I have some amazing news:  I’m going to have a baby! I also have some less exciting news: I’ve been overwhelmed with morning sickness for the past three months. Homeschooling in the everyday can be challenging enough, but when you … Continue reading

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Homeschooling Away From Home During Crisis or Displacement

For months we had been fine tuning our plan to repair our basement and then move downstairs so the renovation crew could work on the upper portion of our house. Just minutes into our final meeting, the crew laid their … Continue reading

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7 Ways to Cultivate a Positive Math Culture in Your Homeschool

More than likely, you are a family of book lovers. You probably have stacks in every room, tucked away in baskets or neat piles because you have run out of shelf space for all the novels and reference volumes in … Continue reading

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Pursuing Passions and Sharing the Best Parts of You

I was nine when I recognized I had the ability to draw. The kids at school made comments about my work, encouraging me to create more. At one point, I commented to my mother, “I wonder where I got my … Continue reading

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Using Sonlight 300 For Our Unconventional High Schooler

I’ve got an unconventional high schooler. She’s our fifth homeschooled child, and her junior year is shaping up to look distinctly different from those of the four siblings who have already graduated before her. By now, we’ve learned to morph … Continue reading

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5 Systems for Organizing Multiple Levels of Sonlight

If you’re anything like me, back to school is an exciting time of year. The sun is shining, the kids are still happy and carefree, and I am gleefully hidden amongst piles of books and Instructor’s Guides. It’s one of … Continue reading

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Managing a Large Family Homeschool for the Not So Organized Mom

When I tell people that I homeschool my 10 children, they nearly always say, "You must be very organized!" I smile and pinch my husband so he doesn't reveal the truth that I'm not a terribly organized person. Even though … Continue reading

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