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My college-aged friends have been bemoaning the high price of textbooks. I can't do much more than grimace and empathize: Textbooks are pricey! I wish they could order a Core and get a ton of wonderful books for less.

...but Universities don't use Sonlight. Which is a shame. <smile>

Buying my books in college was nothing like Box Day. And the experience was split up by semester so I got to go through the pain twice every year. But it was nice to not have to shell out all my dough in one lump sum.

You, by contrast, get to order your whole school year's worth of books and celebrate the joy of all you're going to cover this year. But, like my University, you don't have to pay for it all at once either. You can take advantage of Sonlight's fee-free Time Payment plans and spread the cost of your curriculum over the next three months. You can get going with your homeschooling this year, celebrate Box Day, and not break the bank all at once.

Good deal.

Find your homeschool curriculum now!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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4 Responses to Buying Books

  1. Connie Johnson says:

    WOW! You're absolutely right on. SL is the best bang and value for the buck :) We just shelled out over $200 for 3 college courses worth of books-that was renting some and getting most used!!! UGH :( Our daughter doesn't re-read those college books either like our children do SL ones! I'm so thankful for Sonlight :)

  2. Luke says:

    <smile> Thanks, Connie!


  3. Sarah says:

    I know what you're talking about! Textbooks are so dull. Even as an adult, I'd love to learn more about certain subjects, but you'd never catch me actually wanting to buy and read the typical college textbook on it! Actual interesting textbooks are few and far between. But when I got my first Sonlight catalog this spring, I spent hours pouring over it. Okay, hours upon hours. I wanted to buy a few of the cores (200 and the "What Good is Christianity?" one particularly) just for myself! Even now, we've only just started P4/5 and I'm really tempted to go ahead and buy Core A this fall. So I can pre-read. Or that's what I'm telling myself. It's not because the books are just so cool that I can't wait to look through them and read them myself, of course not. :)

  4. Luke says:

    <laughing> Good stuff, Sarah. Glad you are loving your homeschool experience.


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