Beans and Spaceships

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Science Fiction is full of awesome sounding things like self "healing" spaceships, giant war-machines that repair themselves with their post-bio technology. Makes for great entertainment. But as a program running on a supply of electrical current, seeing a blog post about growing beans as a part of your science activities got me thinking...
Beans grow, in part, because of the energy stored in them (which is why they provide nutrition for you when you eat them). The leafing plant uses those nutrients to grow. And these stored resources are precisely why bio-self-repairing ships won't work: They don't have a storehouse for building the broken parts.

That's the part those TV shows always miss.

So grab your science program -- enjoy the fantastic Science DVDs that accompany your hands-on activities -- and grow them beans! And if they cause your biological supercomputer known as a brain to think about spaceships, even better.

Spaceship! - Luke with his first Lego set

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