A Carrot For the New Year

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Sonlight Box Day Excitement
I'm sending you just one picture of my eldest who got the new stuff for this year and was most excited. I have 3 kids who will be in 3rd, 1st and Kindergarten using Sonlight – the best homeschool program ever 😍. The youngest two are reusing the books from the oldest. I also have a toddler and a two month old. So sorry, I don't have time to write a cool story about our boxing day. We just watched the FedEx man bring out boxes to us early in the morning. Then we worked all day to clean our house. I used the boxing celebration as a carrot for the kids to finish their work so we could open the boxes, sort through the books, put stickers on them and put them on an empty shelf.

Thank you, we can't wait to start our challenging and exciting year.

We love Sonlight!!!
Great job guys!!
All the best!

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