Missionary Subsidy

Sonlight offers subsidies for missionaries

FACT: Many missionaries return home because they feel unable to meet their children's educational need.

FACT: Through Sonlight Curriculum, excellent homeschooling may be more doable (and rewarding!) than you think. Sonlight, the leader in literature-based Christian homeschool curriculum, first opened its doors in order to help missionaries stay on the field "one more year." For twenty years now, families worldwide have testified that Sonlight is a great match for them.

"Thank you Sonlight for being part of our missionary journey! Your program fits our lifestyle and our beliefs so perfectly. It incorporates a love of literature, a strong foundation in all subjects and brings to life the beauty of missions as it takes us on journeys all around the world."
-Amanda B

Financial Support for Overseas Missionaries:

In an effort to provide continuing support to missionaries in the field, an anonymous donor has agreed to work with Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd. to share some of the cost of our products and services. Qualified missionaries now have the opportunity to receive our curriculum at a great discount!

To be able to provide support in a reasonable and consistent manner, we will authorize missionaries in the following manner:

  1. The donor offers a 25% subsidy on all purchases for Full-Time "Self Supporting Missionaries" affiliated with an approved agency. Our donor defines "Self Supporting Missionaries" as those who personally raise all of their financial support and are not financially supported by an agency through means of agency employment.
  2. Agencies will qualify for the missionary subsidy given that they are a bona fide Christian mission agency with a verified 501(c)(3) (non-profit) number.
  3. Missionaries will be approved for this level of subsidy through the following process:
  4. a) Your agency must submit to Sonlight a completed Missionary Subsidy Application form (attached below) along with a list of the missionaries they support. We will verify your agency's qualification and make sure your name appears on their list of supported missionaries.

    b) Names listed on this approved form will be automatically approved, entered into our business system, and coded with a missionary subsidy code to receive the 25% subsidy.

    c) If your agency has already obtained our approval this way, please make sure your name was included on their form. If not, please have your agency contact Customer Relations at 303-730-6292 to update their form.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact a Sonlight customer service representative at 303-730-6292.

"The depth of the Sonlight curriculum, the broad world views and the stimulating challenges have kept us coming back for nine Sonlight programs in our 12 years of homeschooling! Our oldest daughter is now a confident scholar and will be well prepared for college next year thanks to completing Sonlight high school. We are very grateful for the part Sonlight has played in shaping our children to be people of Godly character, able to be leaders in a needy world."
-Lowell S in Thailand

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