Repurchase Discount

Replace your old Instructor's Guide with the latest edition for 50% off the retail price. To get the new books you are missing, simply go to the package you own and click on the What's Included tab. Then click the button to "Highlight Previously Purchased Items" and add the books you do not yet own.

Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd. is committed to providing the best curriculum we can to our customers. Therefore, we continually revise our Instructor's Guides based greatly on your feedback. We desire to grant customers who purchase from Sonlight — and who thus help fund the company — certain special privileges. Among other privileges, therefore:

To original purchasers only, we gladly offer the right to acquire at a nominal "repurchase" price (currently 50% of the full retail price) the most current edition of a previously purchased Sonlight® Instructor's Guide.


You should see the discount applied to your repurchased Instructor's Guide in your shopping chart. If, for some reason, your shopping cart does not list the IG at half-price, and you believe that you are eligible for the repurchase discount, simply make a note to that effect in the comment section near the end of the purchasing process. We will take care of manually adjusting the price of your repurchased guide.

We offer the repurchase discount with the understanding that the new Instructor's Guide is for the purpose of replacing the previous edition(s) for the benefit of the original purchaser only.

In order to qualify for the repurchase discount, therefore, the original purchaser must certify that at the time s/he purchases the replacement Instructor's Guide:

  1. Either s/he has destroyed the previous edition(s) OR
  2. S/he is in possession — and has retained ownership — of any previous edition(s) s/he has purchased.

If the above criteria have not been met, we grant permission to the original purchaser to convey one copy of one edition of an Instructor's Guide to another family.

Please note our copyright policy for more details.


Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd. is happy to offer repurchase discounts to original purchasers of Sonlight® Instructor Guides; you may get the latest edition of that IG as many times as you like. You may convey one copy of one edition of that IG to another party; however, once you have conveyed that one copy, you are not authorized to convey any more copies or editions of that Instructor's Guide.


The phrase "original purchaser" here refers to any private party who has purchased materials at full retail directly from Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd.

The word "convey" includes, but is not limited to, selling, lending, giving, swapping, renting, or in any other way placing into the possession of another.

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