Company History

The idea for Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd. was first sown in February 1990. Sarita Holzmann and Becky Lewis were back-fence neighbors at an evangelical Christian think-tank in Pasadena, California. They both homeschooled their children, and several of their children played together.

Over the previous six months, Sarita and Becky had begun to realize that they held a similar, low-stress philosophy of homeschooling that centered on good books. They realized how uniquely pleasurable their approach was when they found themselves in the presence of mothers who would burst into tears over their homeschooling experience. "It's just so overwhelming!" these moms would cry.

One day, Becky came to Sarita and said, "You know what we should do? We should start a homeschool supply company that gathers all the best of the best homeschooling materials, puts them together into a complete package, including a thorough Instructor's Guide, and makes them available for an international audience...."

Sarita talked the idea over with her husband, John. They decided it would be a wonderful service to so many of God's people living around the world who do not have access to the kinds of resources those of us living in the United States do. And so the three decided: Sarita would pick books with Becky's help; Becky would write the guides; and John would fill in the gaps, editing, typesetting and providing whatever additional help the two women might need.

By 1991, when the Holzmanns moved to Colorado, the business became a full-time concern for both of them. In July of '92, Sonlight Curriculum became Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd. It was in the summer of 1992 that Sonlight Curriculum hired its first employee. Today, we have more than 30 dedicated people in full-time, long-term staff positions. During the summer, our ranks swell into the eighties or low 90s.