Widget Tutorials

for Blogger, Wordpress & HomeschoolBlogger

How to add a Sonlight Widget, Badge or Banner to your blog in 10 simple steps or less:

Step 1: Login to your Sonlight Account. This will ensure you get the most out of sharing Sonlight with others. While this step is not essential, it does give you and your visitors added benefits.

Step 2: Click the Show me the code! box. The code for the widgets, banners and badges will appear. Click in the text area to select the code for the item you want.

Step 3: Copy the code.

Easy Blogger Option
Press the Add to Blogger button for the widget or badge you want. Select your blog, click "Add widget" and then skip to Blogger Step 9 below.

Wordpress note:
If you have a free hosted Wordpress blog, you will not be able to add one of these widgets or badges. If you have a Wordpress hosted blog your URL will be something like: janesblog.wordpress.com

Please select your blogging platform:


Step 4: Go to Blogger and select "Layout" from your Dashboard

Step 5: Add a Gadget

Step 6: Select the HTML/JavaScript option

Step 7: Paste the code you copied (you don't need to include a title).

Step 8: Save

Step 9: Arrange your new gadget so it shows up where you want it on your blog.

Step 10: Save the changes to your blog.


Step 4: Go to Wordpress and select "Widgets" from your Dashboard's Appearance tab

Step 5: Drag a new Text widget from the list into your Sidebar

Step 6: Paste the code you copied (you don't need to include a title)

Step 7: Save


Step 4: Go to HomeschoolBlogger and select "My Blogs"

Step 5: Click on "settings"

Step 6: Select Templates

Step 7: Paste the code you copied into the appropriate part of your template code. A good place to start would be under the My Links section.

Step 8: Save Changes

Step 9: Check the spacing between your new widget and the other elements on your blog.

Step 10: Tweak the spacing by adding a "break" to two between your new widget and the other elements on the page with <br /> tags.

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