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Be a Connector and start your own Sonlight Connections group. What is a Connector? A Connector is a person who owns and operates their in-person group. Connectors decide where the group will meet, how often (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.), and what the group will do at each meeting. Content is up to the Connector; they may choose to split lessons, take field trips, host a book club, coordinate volunteering, or lead elective activities. It's easy to start a group!

Let's get started!

Step 1: Fill out the information below and we will send you the documents to review, sign and send back to us.

Step 2: Once we receive the signed documentation from you, a Sonlight team members will be in touch to provide you with further direction.

Step 3: Find a location and time that works for your group meetings. This could be once a week, bimonthly, monthly or quarterly - whatever works for you. Once you have that information, please let Sonlight know.

Step 4: Promote your group in person and on social media. Once your group is official, we will list it on our interactive map and you can begin pointing people to the site via your favorite promotional channel!

Connect: Your group may have two families or fifteen! Meeting is the first step to growing your group.

Coordinate: Your group can meet at any frequency, weekly, monthly or quarterly, just make sure it's consistent. Consistency will help your group grow and keep people interested.

Communicate: Don't forget to be part of the Sonlight Connections Facebook group. You will need to promote via social media, email and in person to make sure your group gains interest. You may also reach out to one of the Sonlight team members listed below for advice and ideas on promoting your group.