Binocular Microscope SSM7

Binocular Microscope

MF-02 Microscope with Four Objective Lenses

This item has been discontinued.


This binocular microscope is nearly identical to the Sonlight Ultra microscope (250-40) with only three major exceptions. Includes an adjustable binocular eyepiece, a cluster of four objective lenses and has separate coarse and fine focus knobs.

  1. This student microscope includes a cluster of four objective lenses instead of three: 4X, 10X, 40XR, and 100XR.
  2. Includes separate coarse and fine focus knobs whereas the Sonlight Ultra uses an integrated system in which the fine focus knob lies within the coarse focus knob.
  3. Includes a binocular eyepiece instead of a monocular eyepiece. The former eyepiece you view with two eyes, the latter with one eye. (Similar to the difference between binoculars and telescopes.)
  4. The binocular eyepiece of this educational microscope is equipped with inter-pupillary and graduated diopter adjustment. In plain English, this means you can adjust the distance between the eyepieces for a perfect fit for you and your students!

You will need Immersion Oil for use with the 100XR lens.

For a full description of the Sonlight Ultra microscope, please go to

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